All the Wrong Places by Joy Fielding. Published by Ballantine

The dangers of modern dating are the subject of Fielding’s newest book. Four women download a dating app hoping for a happy ever after, or at least another chance at love. Mr. Right Now says and does all the right things, he’s handsome and charming….until he has his date alone. Then he becomes a monster. And one of the women has swiped right on his profile and now may become his victim instead of his date. Sadly, this fictional story could well be true. A reminder that online dating is a dangerous business indeed


A Deadly Feast by Lucy Burdette. Published by Crooked Lane

It’s Thanksgiving in Key West and food critic Hayley Snow just wants to celebrate with her fiancé and family. But she won’t get a chance because her friend Analise calls in a panic, one of the members of her food tasting tour group has keeled over. With suspicion falling on the key lime pie as the murder weapon, Analise is in danger of losing her livelihood and she needs Hayley to find the real culprit.

The Ghost Manuscript by Kris Friedman. Published by Post Hill

Carys Jones loves her job as a rare book authenticator and when she gets the chance to own a huge collection of Dark Age manuscripts, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get them. The current owner has been committed to a mental institution and has agreed to give Carys the manuscripts if she follows the clues in an old journal to find a lost tomb. She begins in Wales where she falls into a tempestuous affair with a local man and begins communicating with the monk who authored the journal 1,500 years before

Murder Among the Tombstones by Kim Carter. Published by Raven South

Ginger Baines has lost her sister in the most horrendous way. She has been murdered and left in a local Atlanta cemetery. Another body is found not long after in a different cemetery, each victim left in an almost reverent manner. The police fear a serial killer may be at work but they have few clues. Ginger takes it upon herself to hire a couple of amateur detectives, septuagenarians who are eager to find a killer before he can strike again

Trouble on the Books by Essie Lang. Published by Crooked Lane

Haven’t all book lovers dreamed of running a (successful) bookstore? Editor Shelby Cox has been gifted half of her aunt’s bookstore in upstate New York. Even more surprising is the second bookstore that is run out of a castle. Yes, an honest to goodness castle. Getting the second store ready for tourist season is hard work and Shelby is concentrating all her energies on getting ready to open on time when a castle volunteer is murdered on the grounds. The castle caretaker is arrested for the crime, but Shelby’s research leads her to believe the murder may be connected to Prohibition graft and corruption nearly one hundred years earlier. Lang adds a handsome Coast Guard investigator to the mix for those wanting a little romance with their mystery, but for my money, Shelby seems more than capable of solving this murder on her own

A Dream of Death by Connie Berry. Published by Crooked Lane

Antique dealer Kate Hamilton’s husband died on the Scottish island of Rothsay, so returning there is difficult, but she’s determined to find a way to get along with her sister-in-law, Eleanor.  And because Eleanor owns a boutique country house hotel on the island, Kate agrees to attend the autumn Tartan Ball. A shocking murder, which appears to be a copycat of a two centuries old killing occurs almost as soon as Kate arrives on the island. Police arrest Bo Duff, the handyman who tried to save Kate’s husband’s life, a man Kate doesn’t believe is capable of killing anyone. Luckily for Kate vacationing DI Tom Mallory is amenable to helping Kate uncover the identity of the real killer. I really enjoyed this story, the setting had so much atmosphere and I liked Kate, who was a level headed heroine, not the ditsy type that often shows up in cozy mysteries

Come and Get Me by August Norman. Published by Crooked Lane

Caitlin Bergman has never forgotten what happened to her in college, but she’s managed to build a very successful career as a journalist. Now she’s been invited back to her alma mater to receive an honorary degree. She’s hoping her time there will help her lay old ghosts to rest, but instead she gets embroiled in the case of a missing student.  Reminded all to well of her own ordeal, she makes a connection with a local detective on the case, never forgetting his department is the same one that destroyed her own case years earlier. But Caitlin is older and wiser this time, and she’s not going to back down or go away quietly, even if it means risking her own life.  Norman constructs an intricate mystery and places a strong, independent woman in the center to let her save not only another woman, but herself as well