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Aldrich University is under attack from a hacker who leaks personal information about staff, students and alumni to the world. All sorts of nasty information pours out, lies, affairs….and worse. Is the information leak related to the murder of Dr. Greg Strasser? His wife, Kit and her sister Willa ( who returns for the funeral after a 15 year absence), certainly think so. The two sisters set out to uncover the truth, never realizing the ugliest secrets have yet to surface


Forensic scientist Becca Ortiz’s doesn’t take the decision to foster runaway teenager Ash, lightly. She has every intention of treating the girl like her own flesh and blood. But as much as Ash wants to succeed in her new life, there’s someone she still cares for from her old life. Someone who won’t hesitate to pull her back down into the dark and seamy side of a life that will destroy her

I grew up in the 1970s believing that, as a woman, I could do anything I wanted. I never would have believed that it would be harder for the girls and women that were born after me. Yet, we live in a country where it seems that the opportunities for women are not the same for women as they are for men. That’s one of the reasons I was so fascinated by Wiltshire’s story of her life and the events that led her to choose a career in forensic science. Besides learning the authors personal story, readers get an inside look at how every crime leaves behind evidence in the natural world that surrounds it. Fascinating stuff

It seems that humans have never been so out of touch with the natural world, with global warming a reality and a government that refuses to accept it, all would seem to be lost. But Ferguson sees reasons for hope and shares that with readers, providing a much needed boost for those of us who believe that all living things are interconnected and that when one species fails, we all do.

Detective Josie Quinn is leading the effort to find missing 7 year old, Lucy, who disappeared from a local park. It’s Josie who finds the little girl’s backpack that holds an ominous note from the kidnapper. The next day when Lucy’s parents get a call from their babysitter, they hope for the best, but instead they hear the voice of a man, their daughter’s kidnapper, and police find the babysitter dead. Things look ominous for the little girl, and the matter is made worse by the fact that Josie believes the girl’s parents are holding something back, something that may cost the child her life

After losing her two best friends on one terrible night, Mia Hart left St. Lucy’s, Maine, never planning to return. But never say never, because 15 years later, Detective Mia Hart is back in Maine looking into the death of a journalist found in the bay. She soon realizes this is no accident or suicide, because the journalist left a note claiming his life was in danger. As she investigates, Mia realizes that this recent death is linked to her own past and the deaths of her friends. Fast paced, with a sympathetic heroine, this is a great summer read

After receiving a mysterious text, Hester Thursby heads to Finisterre Island off the coast of Maine. Hester no longer wants to track down people who don’t want to be found after her last case nearly ended in disaster, but she can’t deny her interest has been raised by the text. On the island, Hester is caught up in the story of an old house, angry locals and a case involving missing children and murder