The Drama Teacher by Koren Zailckas. Published Crown

On the surface, Grace leads a charmed life, she has two children and a husband who loves her. Underneath, however, she’s has a lot of secrets. Secrets about her past, about who she really was and what she did. When her husband loses his job, Gracie has to return to her old life, her old way of making a buck – she steals identities. So far she’s managed to get away with it, but her new identity lands her a job as a drama teacher, and she suddenly finds herself questioning her life style choices and why she made them to begin with. An intense and intricately woven tale


If He Wakes by Zoe Lea. Published by Canelo

Rachel believes her husband is having an affair, so she follows him. But instead of catching him with another woman, she sees a hit and run – with her husband’s car as the weapon. Her business partner Suzie, is having relationship problems of her own. Her fiance seems to have dropped off the earth, and what’s worse, he’s amassed enormous debts in her name. And what about the threatening phone calls she’s getting?   Can these two friends support each other is this time of unspeakable tragedy, or will they turn on each other?

Under Dogs by Andrius Burba. Published by Andrews McNeel

Oh, how we love our dogs! And we love seeing stuff on them, them on stuff and now we get to see them from underneath. Burba’s funny, sweet photos of pooches standing on plexiglass and photographed from underneath is a treat for dog lovers everywhere. A sure way to raise a smile after even the hardest day


The One Unspoken by Sarah Bryant. Published by Curiosity Quills

In mid 19th century Louisiana, Sidonie is left with Adelis, a former slave and midwife to care for her after her own mother dies. The two share a peculiar gift – the ability to communicate with the dead and form a bond. When Sidonie’s father returns to see that his daughter is married off to a wealthy Creole planter, she rebels. She meets Gabriel St. Martin, free black, who lives on a neighboring plantation when he requires Adelis’s skills to help his mother deliver yet another child. The two develop a passionate and forbidden relationship that could literally cost them both their very lives.


The Girl in the Locked Room by Mary Downing Hahn. Published by Clarion

I buy every book that Hahn reads for my library, my students can’t get enough of the creepy and involved tales she spins. This time, a family has moved into an old house, one that has long stood empty. Jules isn’t as thrilled with the house as her parents, in fact she’s a little creeped out by the presence she feels behind a locked door on the top floor of the house. But as Jules begins to ;earn the history of the old house she now calls home, she becomes fascinated with the prospect of meeting someone who lived in the house a century earlier. Someone who might be able to help her open that locked door and answer the questions about that long forgotten family. Hahn never talks down to her audience, and there is NEVER a rational explanation for anything that happens in her books. Kids will be delighted with another winning ghost story


The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler. Published by Knopf Doublefay

There is only one survivor of a triple homicide, a boy who saw his entire family murdered. He himself, has been stabbed over 100 times and has withdrawn to a world inside his mind. Detective Inspector Joona Linna brings in Dr. Erik Maria Bark to hypnotize the boy so the killer can be apprehended. Bark is reluctant to perform the procedure, he’s seen the after effects of this type of therapy on patients and has sworn never to hypnotize anyone ever again. Linna wears him down, eventually, leading to a series of answers and events that may prove worse than the murders themselves. Kepler is a master of Nordic Noir and will keep you glued to the pages of this terrific thriller


Annie’s Summer by the Sea by Liz Eeles. Published by Bookouture

Annie Trebarwith has inherited her family home on the cliffs of Cornwall, and if that isn’t enough to celebrate over, her handsome boyfriend has just proposed to her. But a sudden and violent summer storm causes irreparable damage to the old house. Annie and Josh have no way of paying for the repairs, let alone their wedding. Luckily the residents of the little coastal community will band together to help the young couple they’ve taken under their wing. This is a lovely story of community and friends, both old and new