The Little Perfume Shop off the Champs-Elysees by Rebecca Raisin. Published by HQ Digital

Del is thrilled to be entering a perfume competition that will be taking her to Paris, France.  If she wins, she and her sister can open a perfume shop of their own. But once in the City of Lights, Del discovers that her fellow competitors will do anything to win, even lie, cheat and steal. Del is bound and determined to win the competition honestly, and maybe even win the heart of a charming Frenchman while she’s at it. Raisin provides readers with another charming read along with a look inside the world of perfumes and fragrances.


Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage. Published by St. Martins

Can a child be born damaged? Can they be evil or mentally ill from birth? Suzette wants to love her daughter Hanna. Daddy thinks she’s a perfect little angel, but Suzette has a lot of concerns about her 6 year old. The child has been difficult and violent almost since birth and as she’s gotten older, Hanna has become a master manipulator. Suzette doesn’t understand why her husband can’t see that something is desperately wrong with their daughter. Hanna has been so violent and disruptive, she has to be home schooled, and Suzette begins to be afraid of her own child and what she might be capable of.  This book is so creepy and so insidious and so utterly believable. And that’s the scariest part of all. Parents  may be locking their bedroom doors after reading this

Tip of the Iceberg by Mark Adams. Published by Dutton

Alaska. Just the name evokes images of glaciers, grizzly bears and solitude. Ask almost any American man where they would live, given the choice, and they will answer’ Alaska”. I have to admit that as a woman who already lives in a cold and quiet place (no grizzlies in Maine though), I have always been perplexed. Sure, it’s beautiful, but it’s also cold and dark for a good portion of the year. the I read Tip of the Iceberg and I began to understand the allure. Adams follows a route set out in 1899 by Edward Harriman when the railroad baron turned a boat into a a sort of artist’s colony for writers and scientists. His adventures along the way, the people her meets, the incredible wildlife he encounters, made me understand the desire people have to see Alaska. But those mosquitoes…………

The Secret to Southern Charm by Kristy Woodson Harvey. Published by Gallery

Harvey returns to Peachtree Bluff to find that Sloane’s soldier husband is missing in action. Sloane, like a Southern heroine from days gone by, takes to her bed, leaving her mother to care for her children while she falls apart. But Ansley, who’s also caring for her own elderly mother, is exhausted and torn between her family members. It’s only when Sloane’s sisters and her own children remind her that she has a life and a duty to fulfill, that she is able to find the strength to face a world that may not include the man she loves.  Harvey captures that languid Southern magic that can prove elusive to some writers, and places her readers firmly in a land of sweet tea and gentle breezes

Before I Let You In by Jenny Blackhurst. Published by Atria

Bea, Karen and Eleanor have been friends since they were kids, and the trio, although leading very different lives, still make time to get together. Eleanor is trying to keep her head above water as she cares for both an infant and a tween. Bea is happily single (maybe), and Karen is a psychiatrist with a busy practice. Her newest client is a young woman who claims to need help with the debilitating tension headaches she has, but right away, Karen senses something off about the young woman. She acts like she’s the one in charge and knows a lot more about Karen and her past than she should have any reason to. Karen and her friends are about to get an ugly wake-up call that will destroy the very foundations of their lives. Blackhurst is such an amazing writer, every character is developed to the nth degree and she builds the tension so subtly, you’ll be knocked back on your heels more than once

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center. Published by St. Martins

Margaret Johnson has the perfect life, with a job she loves and an amazing fiancée. All that change sin a heartbeat when the plane her fiancée is piloting goes down. He walks away without a scratch, while she is seriously injured. Now, lying in a hospital bed, she has to find the courage and the strength to literally start over. With a little help from her friend and family and a brilliant physical therapist, she’ll do her best. The only question that remains is, does she really want her life back as it was before the crash? Center creates characters readers will love (and hate ) in this lovely story

Too Close to Breathe by Olivia Kierman. Published by Dutton

It looks to be a standard suicide when Eleanor Costello is found hanging in her Dublin home. DCS Frankie Sheehan certainly wants it to be. After her last homicide case almost left the Detective dead herself, she’s suffering from a serious case of PTSD. Now all she wants to do is tie up the paperwork on this suicide. But an autopsy reveals old stab wounds and bruises, badly mended bones and other things that aren’t in Eleanor’s medical records. And then there’s the most recent cut on the victim, covered in paint. To further complicate matters,  Costello’s husband is missing. When another woman is found dead, also with paint on her body, Frankie works with the only leads she has. A book and a laptop with access to the Dark Web found in the Costello home. This was an exciting read from a new author who will surely be compared to Tana French