The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe. Published by Henry Holt

Sometimes I read a book that stops me in my tracks and I have a hard time processing it, let alone reviewing it, but I’m going to try because this book is incredible. Dita is only 14 when she and her family are rounded up and sent from Terzin to Auschwitz, the notorious death camp. In a place full of terror and despair, Dita becomes the camp librarian – in charge of the eight books the prisoners have managed to smuggle past the Nazis. Based on a true story, this book fills me with both hope and terror in equal measure. I have to believe there are more Dita’s in this world than ignorant hate mongers.  Read this book and pass it on to everyone you know

The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski. Published by Feiwel & Friends 

The woods have always been a dark and disturbing place, but they have become more sinister since the disappearance of Winter’s father. Now Winter has to guide the lost travelers safely through the woods and things are becoming even more bizarre, as leaves turn black and rot and vicious creatures attack the unwary. If you like your fairy tales dark, twisted and literate, The Wood is the book for you 

The Sin Collector by Daria Desombre. Published by AmazonCrossing 

The unsolved murder of her father sent Russian Masha Karavay into a career in law and she’s excited to land an internship with a seasoned detective. Little does she realize that Detective Andrey Yakolev intends to saddle her with a folder full of old unsolved cases just to keep her out of his hair. But Masha finds a bizarre link between the murders and the history of Moscow. The victims were all displayed in historically significant places and when she shares her research with Andrey he realizes that his intern has uncovered a series of crimes that will make or break his career

Seasons of the Moon by Julien Amanda. Published by AmazonCrossing

If you liked All the Light We Cannot See, then you’ll enjoy this story. During the Nazi invasion of Brittany, the life of young teen Paul is saved by a German soldier. In a tragic reversal of fortune Paul is unable to save the soldier when Brittany is liberated and the local villagers take their rage out on the Germans. Before he dies, he extracts a promise from Paul to find his daughter and assure her that her father loved her more than life itself. Bittersweet and unforgettable 

Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. Published by Flat Iron

Alice is a seventeen year old girl who’s used to taking care of herself; she and her mother have been one step ahead of the bill collectors and bad luck as long as she can remember. When Alice’s grandmother, Althea,dies on her estate, the Hazel Wood, her mother is spirited away by a figure claiming to be straight from the pages of Alice’s grandmother’s book of grisly fairy tales. With only her mother’s warning to stay away from the Hazel Wood and a young man who’s a huge fan of the bookwho’s a huge fan of the dark tales to guide her, Alice sets out to save her mother. Dark, compelling, beautiful and brilliant 

Murder in the Manuscript Room by Con Lehane. Published by St. Martins 

There has been a murder in New York City’s 42nd Street Library and crime fiction curator, Raymond Ambler has a vested interest in finding the killer. His relationship with Adele Mogan may create a conflict of interest because of her friendship with the deveased and soon NYPD detective Mike Cosgrove steps in to help solve the mystery. A page turner for bookworms and bibliophiles