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A woman is found dead, tied to a statue in front of a group of high end apartments. Strangely, the police rule the death a suicide, but the owners of No Stone Unturned PI agency want more answers. Lee and Jo want to know who the woman was and why she would decide to kill herself in such a bizarre manner (who ties themselves up to die?). Links between the dead woman and another case they are working on soon surface and someone makes it clear that solving either case might cost the detectives their lived


Chambers recounts her childhood in one of Kentucky (and the country’s) poorest regions. Her life is shaped by her grandmother, a child bride who bore seven children and her aunt Wilma, while her mother worked hard to finish both high school and college. Chambers own journey through college and ultimately Harvard Law School was made possible by the strong and determined women who raised her. A remarkable memoir for fans of Educated and Half Broke Horses

Social media is the one place that Camilla Brown make contact with the outside world. The accident that killed her husband has left the widow badly scarred, so she hides herself away with her virtual friends. She’s particularly interested in following her old school buddy, Valerie, the woman who seems to have it all, a woman Camilla loves to hate. But when she sees a picture of a man looking through the window in one of Valerie’s posts, she is stopped in her tracks. After Valerie disappears, will Camilla launch an investigation to find the woman who seems to have everything Camilla lost?

How much do you trust your friends? A group of 8 chums gets together for a dinner party, but instead of a pleasant evening of drinks and dinner they engage in a game that exposes their worst secrets, fears and lies. The next day two are dead and the remaining six are left to wonder who to trust. An engaging riff on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None

Evie has had an unconventional life, but then she’s an unconventional woman. She’s been able to see things before they happened since she was a little girl and while it’s a little inconvenient some times, it’s just her reality. She’s happy living on an island with her mother and aunt, well known haberdashers, and running her bookstore. When Eve’s sister decides to get married, she wants to have all the women in her family take a DNA test to see if everything they’ve heard about their family’s past is really true. But the tests reveal a truth abut Evie that even she didn’t see coming and she’s left feeling confused and betrayed. It’s up to her to decide whether or not to embrace the new life she’suncovered

Suzi and Nora are new neighbors and Suzi is so glad to finally have someone close by to talk to. She’s pregnant and her husband is a jealous control freak. Of course, Suzi isn’t perfect either, she’s done some things she’s not proud of, and now that she has a new friend, she’s tempted to confide in her. And that could be a deadly mistake. Then there’s Elle, living a perfect life, at least on the surface. The truth is that her husband has cheated on her, but she’s worked hard to have the perfect life and doesn’t plan on giving it up, no matter what she has to do, no matter who she has to hurt.

On the gas lit streets of Victorian New York, the NYPD’s Ghost precinct,a group of female spiritualists and physics have uncovered the existence of the Ghost Sanctuary, a place where the dead can give information to the living. The group of mediums, led by Eve Whitby are looking into the disappearance of an undertaker when she meets a magician and mesmerist whose gifts are as impressive as they are frightening. Is he an ally or a dangerous enemy? I love this unique and quirky mystery that features a strong and feisty Victorian heroine