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Caro Lamont, pet therapist extraordinaire ,and her cousin, owners of the Bow Wow Boutique are thrust into another entertaining, zany mystery. A must for both pet and mystery lovers


Rachael has grown up surrounded by death. Her father is a gravedigger and she was presented with her very own headstone at the age of 11. Rather than finding death frightening, Rachael spends her time among the headstones at the cemetery, piecing together the history of her town and it’s residents. But when her own father dies a few years later she and her family are thrust into a world that is no longer comforting and familiar.

A touching, often amusing memoir of growing up “different”

Detective Donovan Schist has had better days. He and Phoebe Mosey are stranded on a steam train in a blizzard and psycho killer Stanny Slash is right on their six. It’s going to take some fancy footwork to get out of this scrape, luckily Donovan has always been good at the old soft shoe.

The second installment in a great, highly original series.

Lexi is everybody’s friend and confidant, she’s the girl you can always count on. The problem is, she is tired of being taken for granted. Her own sister, a seven year old Honey Boo Boo wannabe¬† pageant contestant is a raving beast, but their parents think she’s adorable. Hmmm. Maybe there’s something to acting out to get you own way…….

I wish this book has been written when I was in high school. Every girl will relate to Lexi. A survival manual for high school girls.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In 1851, Thorel Felix, a self-professed witch, placed a hex on two boys living with the local priest after Felix’s friend and mentor was jailed for his beliefs. Shortly after, the priest began to hear strange noises in his home. The noises were loud and unceasing, finally in a frenzy the priest attacked Felix, beating him soundly. That is when Felix decided to sue the priest for “pain and suffering” if you will. This must be the only case of a witch taking a priest to court. A must read for anyone interested in the history of witchcraft trials.

When dead 17 year old witch Graylee wakes up in her twin sister’s body, she is not happy. She has to pretend to be Charlene and Charlene has such whiny, neurotic friends; not to mention her freako boyfriend. Graylee only has so much time to find and re-inhabit her own body before she loses it forever.

Graylee is a wonderful strong heroine that girls will be happy to embrace.

It was supposed to be a wonderful time – adventure guide Jamie travels to Bali to swim, snorkel and hike. Instead it becomes a nightmare when the night club she is in is bombed. Thanks to a man named Gabe she manages to survive and return home. One year later she returns to Bali, to try to heal and to try to find Gabe. Finding a room at the Paradise Guest House, she becomes friends with the owner, a man with a deep sadness of his own and a young boy who will help lead her to Gabe.

A moving story about finding the strength to trust again.