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Noa P. Singlton is only weeks away from death. Ten years earlier, she was convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced to death. While awaiting her execution date, Noa gets an unexpected visitor, attorney Marlene Dixon, the mother of the woman Noa is convicted of killing. It seems that Marlene has changed her position on the death penalty. She promise Noa that she will use her considerable power to have her sentence commuted to life IF Noa tells her why she killed her daughter.

Written in stark, elegant prose, this is a story that will grab readers by the throat and not let go until the last page


Kirsten Hammarstrom has not been home to her small town in Wisconsin in years. When Stacy Lemke disappeared, suspicion turned to her boyfriend Johnny, Kristen’s brother. Although never charged with a crime, the residents of the small town always believed that Johnny had something to do with the girl’s disappearance. Now years later, Kirsten’s family is drawn back home and together must finally face the truth.

A moody story that highlights the darkness that lies hidden in small towns.

Georgia Ferguson and Christy Haviland are as different as night and day. Chrisy has spent almost a year in jail, delivering her child while incarcerated. She lives in fear that the father of her child, the same man who made sure that she was imprisoned, still wants to destroy her life. Georgia is an educator who specializes in teaching students how to read. She has recently found a bracelet that might be a link to the mother that abandoned her. The two women come together when Christy, who is learning impaired, meets Georgia at a cabin in the mountains called Goddess House.

An eloquent and moving book about the power of women’s friendships and the tremendous gift that reading brings to everyone who opens a book.


As a psychologist Claire Bowen helps struggling women recover from traumatic situations. But now she is facing demons of her own; her husband Robert has some very dark secrets that are coming to light. Meanwhile detective Joe Tanner is struggling to raise his child alone after the untimely death of his wife. These two tortured souls meet when five cold cases across L.A. suddenly open up and it looks as if one of Claire’s patients is involved.

Mofina scores another hit with this exciting mystery.

When King Tutankhamun ruled Egypt he was a relatively minor king, but  with the discovery of his mummy  and tomb in 1922 he became world-famous. In this book, Marchant explores the lengths that scientists and laymen have gone to discover the secrets hidden inside Tut’s mummy. From his first “autopsy” shortly after discovery, to rumors of his “murder”, to arguments over DNA, the Shadow King is a fascinating read for amateur archaeologists and historians. Fascinating

In two different story lines, Van Essen tells a story of hedonism, greed, passion and despair. British painter J.M.W. Turner lives a life of chaotic excess; readers meet his models, fellow artists and many lovers. In present day New England,  Harry discovers the long lost painting “The Center of the World” , Turner’s painting of Helen of Troy  which was considered so erotic to be controversial and was believed to have been destroyed. Harry must now choose between selling the painting or keeping  it so that he may have a piece of art, something of beauty, just for himself.

Lyrical prose and a cast of eccentric and exotic characters make this an unforgettable read.

In an orphanage outside of Oslo, director Agnes Vestavik sees something in one of her young charges eyes that she does not like. Twelve year old Olav has had a violent outburst and she sees something dark and disturbing in his eyes. Agnes is later found stabbed to death and Olav is nowhere to be found. Police investigator Hanne Wilhelsen believes Olav saw the killer and has run away in fear for his life.

Holt gets better and better with each book. Long live Nordic Noir!