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Residents of the small Oregon town have heard of Siren’s Song, come call it The Colony, others, simply a cult. Detective Savannah Dunbar is eight months pregnant with the baby she is carrying for her sister and all she wants to do is clear off her desk and take some much needed time off. Unfortunately, there is a nasty double homicide and it looks like it’s connected to The Colony.

An exciting, taut, well written thriller.


Bev and her sister Diana haven’t spoken in years. Diana , who was always their mother’s favorite, was also petty and mean. But after her sister’s death, Bev knows she need to try to provide a home for her niece, Alabama. Even without all the baggage from the past, this task seems insurmountable as Bev deals with a boyfriend who will not commit and a job that is on the skids.

A warm, but realistic view of modern family life.

Detective Patrik Hedstrom is torn between two very different cases. The first involves a woman killed in a car wreck with a high blood alcohol content, but the woman is known as a teetotaler. The seconds case gains national attention when a much hated reality TV show actor is murdered. Caught between the two cases and a public hungry for information on the reality TV star, Hedstrom must decide which case gets the most attention, and it looks as if the first case may be related to a series of unsolved crimes.

Lackberg’s books keep getting better. She writes with crisp, clear dialogue, her mysteries are gritty and entertaining. I am already looking forward to her next book

Beloved mystery writer of  a Venetian crime series, Leon shares a collection of essays about life in Venice, her childhood and why she writes and Italian men

Torrhent has broken out of prison. Convicted of a murder she did not commit, she is out to seek vengeance against the man who put her in jail – her own step father. On the run, she meets up with former hit man Taigen Banvard who is also looking to take out an evil opponent – his own sister. The two reluctantly join forces while running from a serial killer, assassins and the FBI.

Holy Cow! This book packs in enough action and excitement for two books. Torrhent is a strong, credible heroine.

In a slightly dystopian future, Detective Veronica Sloan has been joined by FBI agent Jeremy Sykes to investigate the discovery of a body in the basement of the under reconstruction White House (a good portion of Washington, D.C. having been destroyed in a terror attack). The victim has ties to a high-profile top-secret experiment and now is the time to see if it worked. Can the recording device in the victims head catch a killer?

A thrilling and imaginative story. A great beach read

Catherine Boyd has finished college and looks forward to reclaiming the son her parents have been raising for her while she pursued her studies. The problem is, they will not give the child back. Now involved in a custody battle, Catherine will do anything to reclaim her son, even if it means reuniting with her ex – the man once accused of killing her son’s twin.

A stark portrait of the lengths a parent will go to to to protect their children. Moving