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The Alder Avenue section of Detroit in 1958 is a seemingly close-knit community. Best friends Grace and Julia are looking forward to blessed events as Grace is pregnant with her first child and Julia looks forward to playing the role of auntie.  Malina, the neighborhood matriarch, rules over the local bake sales and community events from her pristine home. Tragedy strikes when Elizabeth disappears while under the care of Julia and Grace. Locals fear Elizabeth may have met the same fate as the black woman who was recently killed at the town factory. While the men of the neighborhood set out to search for Elizabeth, the women are left alone to wonder and worry. Grace knows what happened, but her mother urges her to keep it a secret, warning her that Grace’s husband would be appalled if he knew the truth. Will Grace be able to draw strength and courage from her friends and find the fortitude to tell the truth?

As she did in Bent Road, Lori Roy creates a world so real, that readers will find themselves “living” in 1958 Detroit. A master at character development, Roy also creates an intricately woven plot line. Highly recommended


Only the Taskforce stands between mad men and a global pandemic. Angry that their nuclear program has been called to task, a group of dissidents obtain a genetically mutated virus. Their plan – to use the virus to cause chaos, destruction and the collapse of civilization. Their delivery  method – use  a female suicide bomber; a “widow’s strike”. Pike Logan and Jennifer Logan, Taskforce ops chase their suspects across Asia and into the United States. The only question – do they have the right assassin?

Brad Taylor’s 4th installment in the Pike Logan series is a pure adrenaline rush. Taylor’s background as a Delta Force commander shows in his ability to describe covert operations. Perfect for fans of Cussler or Rollins.

On a remote island off the Florida Keys, six heroin addicts wake up with no memory of how they arrived there. They can see a yacht in the distance, with people aboard watching them. As they go through the violent stages of detox, they learn that on a nearby island, there is a stash of heroin for the taking. All they have to do is swim across shark infested waters to get it………….

A dark and disturbing look at how humans behave when they lose all touch with civilized behavior. Think Lord of the Flies on drugs.

Shaara’s newest historical centers around the pivotal Civil War Battle of Vicksburg. The novel showcases the military might of U.S. Grant, who forced Confederate forces to retreat to Vicksburg in May of 1863.  The push cost Union forces many lives and most of the men had lost their taste for the war at this point. Grant, however persisted, keeping civilians and soldiers alike virtual prisoners until, starving and desperate, they finally surrendered 6 weeks later – on July, 4.

Shaara is a master at taking huge pieces of American history and bringing them down to a size that readers can relate to. He does this through excellent narration and a cast of memorable characters that place readers in the forefront of battle.

Cam Dexter has never forgiven himself for not protecting the woman he loved. Five years earlier, Brooke Bennet was kidnapped and tortured by a maniac, she barely escaped. Now, Cam must deliver the devastating news that the psycho who took her years earlier is out – and he’s hunting for Brooke. Brooke is tired of being afraid and plans to have a showdown  – to end her torment once and for all, one way or the other. Cam has other ideas…………

A super hot thriller! Cam and Brooke are the perfect couple and the villain is spooky as all get out. A chilling read for a hot summers day

Los Angeles prosecutor Rachel Knight is in for the legal battle of her life. After the daughter of a famous Hollywood director is killed, speculation runs rampant. Was this a kidnapping gone bad?  Rachel and detective Bailey Keller believe they have the guilty party – a Hollywood talent scout and best friend of the victims daughter. But daddy dearest is sticking by his friend, proclaiming his innocence to one and all; and with his media connections turns Rachel and her case into a media laughingstock. Rachel isn’t laughing, she will do what it takes to send the guilty party to jail, even if it puts her own life at risk.

Clark’s real world experience in the court room is obvious in her newest mystery. Rachel is a bright, strong willed heroine and the story line is fast moving with a few twists.

Nadine Lavoie is doing her best to keep her patient, Heather Simeon from attempting to take her life again. In a psychiatric facility, Heather explains her grief over her miscarriage and her belief that she lost the baby because she and her husband had left the commune they were living in. Members warned her that if she left, terrible things would happen. As Nadine tries to stabilize her patient, she hears the story of a commune and its charismatic leader; a story she knows all too well. Nadine and her brother were taken to the same commune as children by their mentally unstable mother. She has blocked most of the memories from her mind, but as Heather relates her story, Nadine’s memories begin to come flooding back. Will she ever be able to sleep again? And what about the commune’s leader? When he learns Nadine’s memory is back, she will have good reason to be afraid.

Fascinating, compelling reading. I was not able to put this book down until the last page. Chevy Stevens just keeps getting better.