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A new school year. A new chance for school moms to rip into each other and everybody else. These groups always have a ringleader and this one has Beatrice, she who is to be obeyed, champion fund raiser and queen of all she surveys. Heather just wants to be accepted, Georgie plays along and Rachel watches all with a cynical eye.

Yes, these moms or moms just like them DO exist and they are at a school near you. At times bitter and sad, at others hilariously funny, The Hive is always thought provoking. It’s like being in high school all over again, but with a better car.


Cecily is a very successful assistant D.A. She could have gone anywhere with her career, but she’s stayed close to home for two reasons. Loyalty and the desire for revenge. When she was still a young girl, Cecily and Amelia were forced to watch as their friend Hillary was assaulted. Now Cecily awaits justice. It seems as if the women may be able to get some satisfaction when Amelia sees a man with a tattoo that she remembers from that terrible night. But when police refuse to get involved, the women give up on the idea of justice and decide it’s time for a little revenge.

I only wish this were a little longer. Great characters and a stand out story line had me swallow this in one sitting.

In this fourth seasonal volume, readers are treated to farmer’s markets and gardens for fresh fruits and vegetables. Gorgeous photography highlights easy to follow recipes that will entice both the novice and expert cook, all while making use of the bounty available during the most fruitful time of the year. Lovely

The inimitable Dorothy Eden’s work is showcased in these three novels. Bride by Candlelight, Cat’s Pray and Bridge of Fear take place in Australia and New Zealand, and all feature women whose husbands have become something other than what they were on their wedding day. While some parts of the story lines are dated, they only add to the charm and enjoyment of reading these stories that feel like old friends. For old fans and new followers alike.

Eastoe takes readers on a wild culinary adventure showing them how to find and cook wild berries, nuts fruits, seeds and roots. From making main courses and sides to cordials and elixirs. Also included are safety precautions for some wild foods that can be potentially dangerous if not handled correctly. A fascinating look at foraging.

Why spend money at the grocery store on items of questionable provenance when you can pick them from the wild for free yourself?  The Hedgerow Cookbook explains how to get started harvesting your own produce and once you have it, what to do with it. 100 recipes, seasonal suggestions and legal matters are all covered. Delightful!

Simon Fisk, former U.S. Marshall now makes his living tracking down children kidnapped by their non-custodial parents. Because of the unsolved kidnapping of his own daughter, Fisk will not take any stranger abduction cases. All that changes when 6-year-old Lindsay disappears out of a Paris hotel room; Fisk is forcefully persuaded to take the case. As he races across Paris and against the clock, Fisk is taken back to the very darkest days of his life and begins to fear for his own safety and sanity.

WOW! I defy anyone to put this book down once they start reading. It is a heart pounding adrenaline rush.