Far Horizons by Andrew Earnshaw. Published by Matador

Readers will join Earnshaw in his motorcycle journey across North America. Not so much Easy Rider as Easy going, Earnshaw’s encounters with locals, wildlife and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world will charm and enchant readers. Highly recommended


Monkeys in my Garden by Valerie Pixley. Published by Matador

The true story of Valerie and her husband and their adventures. From a palatial home in Algarve to a jungle home in Mozambique. The home is in ruins, with no windows and a roof made of plants. Their adventures include a run in with local witchcraft and less than friendly locals. A fascinating account that readers will find hard to put down

The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead. Published by Lion

Kit Livingstone is on the quest of a lifetime. His grandfather has just told him of a bizarre map that directs followers to other worlds too fantastical to be believed. The first explorer, so worried the map would be lost, tatooed it on his own skin. The map, however is long lost in time and the race is on to see who will find it first……..and what they will use it for
A tremendously imaginative story that will keep readers entranced