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Maybe Lydia has never felt a part of her Amish community because she was adopted. Hoping to find answers, she launches a search for her natural parents, but when two women in her town are killed it becomes obvious the deaths were no accident. The more questions Lydia asks, the more threatened she feels. She turns to an old friend, Josh Yoder for help and support.

A great combination mystery/love story/Amish story. Sure to be a hit for readers of all three genres.


Oh how times have changed. Christmas used to be Kayla Green’s favorite time of year. These days she’d be happy if the calendar skipped right over December 25. Work is her constant, so she takes off to finalize a deal in Vermont over the holiday. She and Jackson O’Neal are working to restore his family’s ski resort, put it on the map so to speak. Who knew that closing a business deal could be so exciting. Maybe there is some magic left in Christmas after all.

A warm and sweet Christmas tale guaranteed to take away a winter chill

Sometimes life sucks. Honor has been brushed off by the man she has loved for as long as she can remember, and now she hears he is marrying her best friend! Feeling dumped and depressed, Honor agrees to something she normally wouldn’t even consider. Tom Barlow, a British professor needs to stay in the U.S. to care for his stepson, but his visa is about to expire. Enter Honor and a marriage of convenience. How long will they be able to remain platonic buddies?

Nicely done. A novel where the woman rescues the man from his unpleasant fate. Highly enjoyable!

What’s a girl to do? Being wealthy has its perks, Genevieve knows that, and she really doesn’t want to just give up on all that lovely family money, but…. Her father is insisting she still marry her fiance, even after she caught him screwing around on her, if she doesn’t, he will disinherit her. How can she marry a man she knows is a snake? Dylan Caine is a veteran who is trying to cope with the physical and emotional wounds he got in the Middle East. While Genvieve and Dylan seem poles apart, do they really each have the one thing the other needs?

A sweet, tender holiday novel, with a wounded hero that will will swoon over

Audrey already works for Vincenzo Tomas; so when he advertises for a nanny for his niece and nephew, she is only happy to step into the role. The million dollar salary doesn’t hurt either. What Audrey doesn’t realize is that Enzo is looking for a partner, in every sense of the word.

An old fashioned plot line given a fresh facelift. As tasty as cookies, without the calories.

People in small towns have long memories. When former town “mean girl” Sophia returns to Whiskey Creek with her tail tucked between her legs, there are some folks who say she got what she deserved. But nobody deserves what Sophia has endured. Fleeing an abusive husband  who has gone missing (and whom she hopes is dead). Sophia comes back home; she will do anything to protect herself and her daughter, even beg for help from Ted Dixon, the man she once trashed. Turns out Ted needs a housekeeper and Sophia will fill the bill nicely…………..

A nice turn on the “perfect” heroine showcased in most romance novels. Sophia is believable and likeable despite her past actions, and who doesn’t love a man who can forgive and forget?

All Zach Sullivan was supposed to do was look after his brother’s new puppy. He hadn’t counted on the dog trainer. Heather loves working with animals, dogs are so much more faithful then men. She certainly does not intend to get involved with Zach – he is everything she eschews – he’s way to confident, one of the smooth talking big city guys. No sir, no way………..well probably not.

A charming addition to Andre’s Sullivan series, about love, trust, and dogs 🙂