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Stella Crown didn’t really know the country star appearing at the county fair, but since she dug the woman’s body out of a manure pile, she feels some connection. Not the one the police want to pin on her though, they think that Stella did the country crooner in. Looks like she will need to take drastic measures into her own hands – at her smarmy sister-in-laws salon where the recently departed had her nails done; maybe she can dig up some information that will get her off the hook so she can get back to planning her wedding, milking her cows and riding her motorcycle.

Stella is a heroine that kicks butt! I love her and so will all who read this book!


Manley tells the fascinating story of her childhood in Jamaica as the granddaughter of leaders who brought about the evolution of democracy there. The story told through her eyes as a child and a young adult is truly absorbing.

It’s not easy being Queen of the witches. Belle Bishop is a good witch, a very good witch, her sister Angelica on the other hand is a very naughty witch. Belle spends much of her time running around cleaning up after Angelica’s nasty little spells, but this time she’s gone too far. If Belle isn’t quick enough, her niece Gia may be in real trouble.

An enjoyable cozy just right for the Halloween season.

73 different gardens for herbs, medicinal purposes, salads, bees and butterflies, cocktail ingredients and more. Information about plants, planting zones, and plot maps are included with each garden. Highly recommended for the casual and serious gardener alike.

When a murder occurs during a showing of vintage clothing, the exhibitor of the traveling exhibit, Eddie, turns to his friend Samantha to help. She wants to involve the cops, but is met with strong opposition. What’s really going on here?

A fun, fashionable mystery

London detectives Arthur Bryant and John May are back on a new case. A woman found dead alone in a church with no apparent cause of death seems like a case for the Peculiar Crimes Unit, but May and Bryant instead find themselves sent to meet with an old enemy, Oskar Kasavian. And this time, Kasavian needs their help. It seems his wife has been acting odd of late, having strange outbursts, acting violently and claiming it’s all being caused by an evil spirit. When a second peculiar death occurs just days later, it appears the cases may all be linked. It’s up to the PCU to straighten out this snarl.

A thoroughly entertaining and unusual premise that works well due to Fowles incredible skill as a writer. Highly recommended.

Deirdre wants to live a life of adventure and magic, but at 14, she is sent to court to learn the tasks required of a woman of her time, embroidering and etiquette. While this at first seems like a dreadful bore, she quickly learns that life at court is anything but safe and serene. Dangerous plots and conspiracies are everywhere and Deirdre may get caught in one whether she wants to or not.

A compelling, no-holds barred look at life in the “age of chivalry”.