Journey into the Flame by T.R. Williams. Published by Atria

Everyone was sure that mankind was doomed after a sun storm in 2027 made the world go dark. Hope was all but lost when a man named Camden Ford appeared carrying ancient books called the Chronicles of Satraya. With the help of the knowledge in the books, civilization is restored in 30 years. Now, the books belong to Logan Cutler and he is having financial problems. He auctions off the books to pay off his debt and in so doing places the books into the hands of Reges Huminum, a group that once had tremendous power and now wants it again. When Logan realizes what a terrible mistake he has made, he vows to do anything he can to get the books back. But is it too late? Is humanity destined for a darkness that will never end?

A ripping yarn! A clever and intricate spin on the post-apocalyptic theme that is so popular. This stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

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