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Catherine the Great is one of the most powerful and influential women in history. In this book Catherine reminisces about her life and reign. Her triumphs and her defeats and how she was responsible for establishing the great Romanov dynasty.
A truly fascinating story about one of the most incredible women in history. The author put a very human face on this incredibly accomplished woman. Highly recommended


In this update of her classic book, Wells again travels to the restaurants, bistros, bakeries, and cafes of Paris. She presents readers with an overview of the establishment, highlighting the types of food served, and the price range. Tremendous fun for those traveling to Paris or those who just wish they were

The press is abuzz about a horrific and incomprehensible finding. 15 Boy Scouts and their 7 adult leaders have committed suicide in the woods during a campout. One of the dead scouts friends, Sparky Wallace, has a father who discovers a strange connection involving his own grandfather. Jack’s grand father killed himself in a forest in Poland during World War 2. Trying to solve the baffling mystery, Jack and Sparky travel to Poland try to discover why the forest affects people in such a negative way. The only question is, will they make it out alive?
Masterton is truly a master of suspense. His books continue to get better and better. Do not read this book in the dark, or in the woods!

Frederick is a most unusual sort. He is a demon, who was born in Maryland in the 1980s. He likes living in inside humans, and he feels badly that the host he invades will lose their memories but still, he feels he has no choice. After traveling the world for 40 years, having lived in both men and women, and old and young, Frederick wants to return home to the United States. His ultimate goal is to find someone to love. But in doing so he will find answers to questions he didn’t know he had and perhaps some he wished that he did not have.
A totally unique concept that the author handles very well. In the hands of a less skilled writer, this idea would have fallen flat, but luckily that is not the case here. Highly recommended

When you find out that the diamond in your engagement ring is fake it’s a sure sign that your marriage is not all you thought it was. Dilys has discovered the fake stone and now the Holland family matriarch, Sybil calls in Bea Abbot for advice. Bea discovers that Dilys and her daughter are living in fear, her husband Benton is an angry and abusive man. When Bea tries to intervene, Benton makes it clear that her interference is not welcome. And then it appears that Dilys has tried to kill herself, but Bea is not so sure.
Exciting and fast-paced, this is an outstanding read

James Asher and his wife Lydia are desperate. Their baby, Miranda, has been kidnapped by the Master Vampire of London. If they do not follow his instructions, Miranda will die. They must hunt down and find the person who is trying to control the vampires of London, they must find the Book of the Kindred of Darkness. Even though they have a friend who is a vampire on their side they have no idea if they will succeed or if they will ever see their daughter again.
A spooky historical set on the gas lit streets of London. Atmosphere is key in this story, but the characters are so well drawn that they follow in a very close second

Monika needs to find the name of the body of the woman who was found dumped in a canal. The woman’s identity remains a stubborn secret. Monika is further thwarted when her Chief Constable won’t let her follow her gut instincts and it’s not until there is a second murder that she realizes she’s going to need some help. That’s when she turns to her old mentor ex DCI Charlie Woodend.
An outstanding police procedural. A twisted mystery, a strong heroine, and superb dialogue make this a must read