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When Ava Camden is attacked by a maniac with a knife she is lucky to survive with her life. However her face has been scarred and so has her psyche. The attack has been pinned on a 20 year old who was too drunk to remember what happened the night before. But he has her blood and the weapon with him. His brother Graham grew up on the tough side of Atlanta and he doesn’t intend to let the wealthy Camden’s railroad his brother. He will do anything to find the real attacker even if it means using Eva as a lure


Snow managers to capture the essence of what we all love about dogs. Weather there bouncy, grumpy, puppiesĀ  or senior pets, the difference they make in our lives is hard to measure. A book for all dog lovers, but be warned, you will need tissues

Maura has a long had feelings for her neighbor, but she is too shy to approach the handsome detective next door. Mitch Lawson has been watching her as well. He likes her too and when he helps her with some home repairs the to get cozy. But Maura comes from a rough and tumble family and when her seedy past comes calling, it may put an end to there budding relationship
A hot and sexy romance for the intelligent woman

Being the offspring of a witch is never an easy thing. But when your father is the blackest, most evil witch ever, life definitely becomes unbearable. In England witches live among the locals, both white witches and black witches. 16 year old Nathan is both. His has a powerful and cruel father and a decent and caring mother who is unfortunately dead. Nathan is trapped in a cage. He needs to escape by the time he 17, if he does he will receive three gifts from his father, if not he will die. How can he even find his father when he’s caged up and when he trusts no one even the girl he is coming to love.
Vampires are so out. Witches are the new black and this exciting, well written Y A novel is bound to be wildly popular

All her life all Jenny has ever wanted to do was to be a painter. But after trying to break into the New York art world for 10 years she’s just about given up. Her grandmother’s death in New Mexico gives Jenny a chance to get away. Once in New Mexico she learns she has inherited her aunts art camp for children. But can she give up her dream of becoming an artist in New York? Camp cook and general handyman Rob Caruso would certainly like to run the camp with Jenny. But when his dad shows up after a long absence things become complicated. Only Rob knows where his father has been and why he’s been there. It isn’t long before violent strikes the camp and Jenny has to wonder if Robs father is to blame
A well written mystery that includes fascinating information about the art world. Highly recommended

Archaeologist Libby Maitland has landed the job of her dreams. She will be in charge of excavating a historic lumbering town. In doing so she will also be digging up the town’s founding family. It’s not long before she begins to believe she’s being stalked. Does it have something to do with what she’s been digging up ? Police Chief Mark Colby doesn’t believe her at first but when her life is threatened,he will do anything to keep her safe
An exciting mystery combined with the thrill of an archaeological expedition and a hot and sexy hero

When Toronto detective Miranda Quinn finds her lover dead in her bed, she has no memory of what happened. Needless to say, she’s in a world of hurt. Her partner David Morgan offers support but she’s the prime suspect and is unable to investigate an official capacity. On her own she investigates and along the way pulls in a New York City cop, and an international wine expert, who is not what she appears to be and uncovers a terrorism plot shortly before September 11th 2001