The Other Half by Sarah Rayner. Published by St. Martins

In this wicked and witty novel, readers meet both the wife and the other woman. Chloe is a free-spirited, talented young woman who is ready to embark on the career of a lifetime. She wants to run her own magazine and has met the man she thinks may help her achieve her goal, potential boss, James. There is an instant attraction and the two do little to stop their head long rush into passion, despite the fact that James is married. Maggie would tell anyone who asked that she is happily married. But the truth is her husband has been coming home from work later and later, some nights he doesn’t come home at all.  Told in both Chloe and Maggie’s voices, readers will like both women. Chloe for her intelligence and ambition and Maggie for her dedication and devotion. Not to be missed

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