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Sunni and Blaise are back in another battle to save magician Fausto Corvo. This time they have encountered and old spirit lantern and slides that contain many of Corvo’s secrets. Sorzano would do anything to get his hands on those slides, it would mean the end of his old adversary, but Sunni and Blaise don’t intend to let that happen.

Fanciful fun


A series of diaries, some more than 200 years old, passed from mother to daughter are more than family stories. They are survival manuals and they are wanted by a group of very bad people. Hannah is fleeing with the diaries and her daughter, hoping that she will live long enough to pass them on. From modern times to ancient kingdoms, this is a sweeping saga of womens power and knowledge and mens fear of it. Tremendous

Vanessa is back in Djibouti after her latest case. This time she’s posing as a man and working as an interpreter. When her boss insists she accompany him on a boat ride, she discovers the company she’s working for is running guns. The boat is attacked by Somali pirates, but Vanessa and her boss Leo manage to escape. But before they can head back to safety, Leo disappears. Amber Marie, Leo’s wife and one of Vanessa’s few friends pleads with her to find her husband. Vanessa reluctantly agrees, but this won’t be an easy case. As a matter of fact, the only thing to do is hijack the ship back.

Stevens pens yet another pulse pounding thriller with a heroine who is just as kick ass as any Dirk Pitt or James Bond wannabe.

Lauren and Ryan’s magic is showing serious signs of wear. When the two can’t get along, they decide to live separately for a year in hopes that they will fall in love again. It sounded like a good idea at first, but Laura gets an earful from friends and family and begins to wonder just what monogamy and marriage are really worth. The answer? Everything.

If I could, I would give a copy of this book to every newly married couple. They need to see that love is more than romance and roses and date nights; it’s compassion, caring and always having an ally. A must read

Jess’s life is in the toilet. Her husband has left her, her stepson is being bullied and her daughter is about to miss out on the educational chance of a lifetime because Tess can’t afford to pay for it. This is where Geeky Ed enters the picture. Tess cleans the multi -millionaire tech giants house and after hearing her story, offers to take the whole family to the math Olympiad. Problem is, Ed isn’t the type of guy who does nice things for people. This could be a really looong trip.

Told with her trademark humor and poignancy, Moyes knocks another one out of the park

As youngsters, twins Yarik and Dima work their uncle’s farm after their father’s death. It is a hard existence, but is not without love. As adults they labor under a great glass roof that reflects light from space mirrors that keep the crops they sow under light 24 hours a day. Gone is the happiness and closeness of their youth. When they meet the owner of the glass roof, or sea, the boys become even more divided in their thinking and their very way of life is threatened.

Told in an alternate Russia, this is a creative and complex story about families, communism and love

Andrew Meredith has always harbored a great deal of anger towards his father who lost his post as a professor at La Salle University over a sexual impropriety. He has drifted in and out of his own life ever since, and now broke and with no prospects, he returns home to work with his father. His father is a Remover; one of the people who remove bodies from homes and hospitals and transport them to the morgue or funeral home. Andrew now joins his father as they perform this last service, sometimes sad, sometimes disgusting, sometimes baffling, but always crucial. Through their work together, Andrew begins to see his father for the man he really is, a man who loves his family and made some unwise choices.

Sobering and sometimes disquieting, but absolutely mesmerizing.