The Cursed by Heather Graham. Published by Harlequin

For Hannah O’Brien living with ghosts is no big deal, she’s done it all her life. When she turns that same”haunted house” into a B and B, she has no problem with the pair of resident ghosts. That all changes when a man is killed in back of her inn and he begins to haunt Hannah, looking for justice. FBI agent Dallas Samson knew the dead man well, he was a colleague working on a smuggling ring run by a group known as Los Lobos  and Dallas is sure they are to blame for his friend’s death. Meanwhile, Maggie contacts her cousin, Kelsey, an agent with the Krewe of Hunters for help. It turns out that Dallas has some powers of his own and the group find a connection between the modern-day murder and a sunken ship and salvagers from the past.

Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters books never fail to please. A spooky house, sunken treasure, a hunky law man with a Key West background make this another knockout.

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