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Bitter Crossing by D.A. Keeley. Published by Midnight Ink

Posted on: March 19, 2014

Border patrol agent Peyton Cote has come home to the County. Aroostook county in Maine, that is. After working the U.S. – Mexico border for years, Peyton has made her mind up to return home after she is shot at. She wants a safer environment to raise her 8-year-old son in and what could be safer than rural Maine? Turns out Maine has its own share of problems, during what was supposed to be a marijuana drop, Peyton instead finds an abandoned infant. Her ex-husband is hanging around a lot more than she would like, her sister is married to a real loser who just may have done something really awful, and some of the locals don’t take kindly to Peyton’s return.

Keeley is either a Maine native or has spent a lot of time here. As a native Mainer myself, I have read a lot of books about southern and coastal Maine, but few about the northern or “real Maine”. An accurate portrayal of the place and its residents combined with a ripping good mystery. I hope to see more of Peyton.


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