For All Time by Jude Deveraux. Published by Random House

Hoping to have a little time away from all his obligations, Graydon attends the wedding of his cousin Jared on Nantucket. When he meets bridesmaid Toby, he’s blown away. Sure, she gorgeous and intelligent, but it’s the fact that she can tell him apart from his identical twin Rory that floors Graydon. He has been told that the woman who can do that is bound to be his soul mate. But she is not of royal blood and he is. As heir to the Lanconian throne, Graydon must marry a noble woman. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time together, just to take a break from all his title dictates. The time they spend together on the island is magical, it seems almost like they are destined to be together……

Jude Devereaux has been thrilling readers for years now. Her romances are filled with strong men and courageous, independent women, and always a happy ending. Tremendous fun


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