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Cholewa pens a story about love in all its myriad forms. Love in the form of obligation and commitment in the form of Geneva who puts her own life on hold to care for her ailing husband. Love in the form of a banquet, an orgy of sensation and lust in Paris, and love in the form of betrayal and disappointment in Tatum. Over the course of a Montana year, these three souls learn and then learn again that there is never just one definition of the word love.

Sharp, poetic and painfully honest, this book is for anyone who has ever loved.


Two years ago, the city was a virtual grave yard. Filled with the bodies of those who had dared cross Britain’s most violent gang. Now the violence is beginning anew. D.I. “Heck” Heckberg is in charge of the investigation and he’s sure the gang is back at it. And this time he appears to be on their hit list.

No one writes police procedurals better than the British, as is proven in Paul Finch’s book. Be prepared for a long night because once you start this you won’t be able to put it down.

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, Wendy and the evil Captain Hook. But do they know the real story? When, by some twist of fate, adult Stella Parrish finds herself in Neverland she is at first amazed and delighted to visit the magical world. But as time goes on, Stella begins to realize the Lost Boys and their leader Peter Pan are really nothing more than thugs. And Captain James Benjamin Hook? He’s really just a privateer caught in an endless war with nasty little brats. Maybe it’s time someone rewrites this story.

I LOVED this book! I always thought Peter and his band of merry men were more sinister than endearing and in this story they finally get the butt whoopin’ they deserve.

Tired of the rat race, German attorney Sven Fiedler and his girlfriend move to the Cayman Islands, where he opens a dive business and she becomes a realtor. The pace of life is slower, the air softer, the days longer, life couldn’t be better. Then Sven takes a big job, a couple wants to hire him out for a two week long dive expedition. Jola and Theo will stay in a small house on Sven and Anje’s property during the trip. At first things seem to go well, but tensions creep in when Theo starts to act as if he believes Sven and Jola are having an affair. Not only does he not care, he seems to be pushing them together. Only Antje senses that something is very wrong……………

An intelligent psychological thriller that will please fans of “You should have known”

Hyssop is an 11-year-old girl with a glamorous, but distant mother. The young girl has seen an endless parade of men appear and disappear from her life as her mother changes suitors. Now, in England she begins to find the love and care she so desperately needs from her godmother Sandy and the stately and eccentric Sir Northcote Hemmings. She learns about the fascinating world of insects and is particularly drawn to butterflies, a creature that never knows its mother and must finds it way in the world all on its own. Tasked with finding a rare “Mourning Cloak” butterfly, Hyssop finds herself forgetting her sorrow in her zeal to find this rare creature. Even as she stalks the butterfly, she herself is being watched by a young boy from her school, a boy bullied at home and in the schoolyard, a boy whom know one seems to love.

Exquisitely moving, heartbreakingly sad and possibly the best YA book written this year

The second book in the trilogy follows midwife, Mrs. McKeiver as she prepares to marry for the second time. But the course of true love, and family life never did run smooth. The bride worries about her son Clement, who is suffering from depression and has no desire to live with his mother and her new spouse in their new home. She worries he may even be suicidal. Should she give up her own happiness to please her son?

Morgan reveals much of her idea for the Mrs. McKeiver series came from her own country upbringing, where plants and herbs were routinely used to heal. These fascinating, small details make Mrs. McKeiver’s 19th century world come to life

Tara has put her police work behind her, it was just too sad, too painful and too dangerous. But when her good friend Andrea disappears after joining a cult, Tara puts her training to work to track her down. Joining her is Jake Nolan, and the two of them follow Andrea’s trail to the Chosen, a cult led by a man who makes Jim Jones look downright benevolent. The Chosen have invented a dangerous new drug and Jake and Tara are determined to keep it off the streets. When Jake is shot and Tara taken against her will across the Mexican border, it becomes clear just how much the Chosen have to lose…and the lengths they will go to to protect their interests.

A fast paced thrill ride with a sexy alpha male who is not afraid of an alpha female. Exciting and well done.