Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall. Published by Forge

Lou Norton has never really gotten over the disappearance of her sister Tori. The last time she saw her was 30 years ago, Tori had been nabbed for shoplifting and Lou, terrified had run away. Now a homicide detective, Lou still carries around the guilt of that day along with the determination to find out what really happened to her sister. When a 17 year old girl is found hanging in the closet of a condo in the process of construction, Lou’s partner Colin is sure it’s suicide. Lou’s not so sure. The land and building project belong to millionaire Napoleon Crase, the man Lou believes is behind her sister’s disappearance. She discovers links between the two cases, but no one else is buying it. But Lou”s is not about to give up, not when she’s so close to the truth, but if she’s not careful, she may be the next victim.

A novel of heart pounding suspense and the best new female detective in fiction today. Absolutely unforgettable

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