Loss of Innocence by Richard North Patterson. Published by Quercus

In the second book in the Blaine trilogy, Whitney Dane is preparing to spend the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, planning her autumn wedding to her equally wealthy fiance. Whitney is her daddy’s girl. Charles Dane has given his daughter every opportunity, exposed her to all the finer things in life, now she will take her place as the wife of a prominent wealthy man. It is 1968, and the country is awash in political unrest as the was in Vietnam drags on. Whitney cares nothing for politics, her own little world is safe and secure. Until Benjamin Blaine hows up on the Island. With barely two cents to rub together, but charisma to spare, Blaine, former aide to slain Bobby Kennedy is fascinatingly different than any man Whitney has ever known. As the summer goes on, she finds herself more drawn to him and the truths he tells, both about the world and about her own family.

Patterson is exceptional at creating memorable characters and stories that hook readers. Libraries should expect high demand

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