Hell With the Lid Blown Off by Donis Casey. Published by Midnight Press

During the summer of 1916, when a tornado tears through Boynton, Oklahoma, the town’s most hated man shows up dead in a field. Jubal Beldon was the kind of man people loved to hate. He liked finding out people’s secrets and than using the secrets against them. No one is sorry he’s gone, certainly not Alafair Tucker and her family. But when the coroner determines Jubal was dead before the tornado stuck, the local law gets involved. Was his death natural, or did someone finally do old Jubal in? Evidence seems to be mounting in favor of the latter, with the town’s favorite music teacher the prime suspect. Alafair won’t let this go down without a fight, she likes Beckie and she’s very special to Alafair’s daughter Ruth. Someone else must be to blame and Alafair intends to find out who…no matter how close to home the investigation gets.

I love this book. The sense of place, the historical detail and the “who done” it, all combine to make a fabulous read.

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