Extraction by Stephanie Diaz. Published by St. Marttins

A planet surface being slowly destroyed by acidic fumes leave the inhabitants of the planet Kiel with little choice. Long ago, the Developers took government officials and the wealthiest citizens to safety at the Core. Others were left on the Surface or on another layer of the planet to provide food and mineral resources for the Core. Life in these other places is hostile and dangerous. Most residents are killed at age 20, if not earlier. Once a year, 16 year olds from each level are tested and the few that are most promising are Extracted to the Core to prove they are worthy of the privilege. This year, Clementine will be Extracted, but she will have to leave the one person she truly loves behind, knowing he is condemned to death. She travels to the Core with the intention of finding a way to save Logan. But as she is pushed beyond her physical, emotional and moral limits, Clem begins to realize the Core is no Paradise and if she is to save herself and her planet, she will have to risk everything.
Teen dystopian novels are hot commodities these days. Extraction is a cut above most of them. Perfect for readers who have finished the Divergent and Hunger Games series. Highly recommended.

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