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Shortly after FBI agent Aiden Mahoney has a dream about old friend Richard Highsmith, he gets word that Highsmith has gone missing in small town Sleepy Hollow. Arriving in town. Aiden meets Mo Deauville, another member of the FBI team Krewe of Hunters. It’s Mo and her search dog Rollo, who find Highsmith, or at least his head, on the statue of the headless horseman. AS the two agents fight against a growing attraction, thay must also find out who killed Highsmith, because the same killer is now after them.

Another stellar entry into Graham’s impressive Krewe of Hunters series


Laura Doyle has never really gotten over the plane crash in the Rocky Mountains that nearly killed her. Her FBI lover, Cameron Winger assures her that he will always be able to keep her safe – no matter what. But after their engagement becomes public, an old enemy resurfaces. The Stormchaser is back and is killing more victims. The killer’s ultimate plan is to take from Cameron the one thing he loves most – Laura.

The kind of pulse pounding thriller that Sala is justifiably famous for.

It’s the 1920’s, an era when anything can and does happen. Poppy Hammond is set to walk down the aisle, when at the last minute she can’t do it. She can’t marry for money. On the run in her wedding gown, Poppy, with the help of handsome curate Sebastian Cantrip, heads for her father’s country estate. Sebastian disappears into thin air, and Poppy is left to deal with her angry relatives. To escape the heat, she secures a job overseas and with just her maid for company, sets sail for the Orient. There, she will find cut throats who will stop at nothing to possess and ancient and priceless treasure, including toppling governments and disposing of young ladies who know too much.

An exciting, well written historical with a dash of Indiana Jones. I loved it!

Rachel de Luca and Mason Brown return! The pair has given in to their intense physical attraction, but are not allowing their emotions to become involved. When a judge’s daughter is kidnapped, Mason, a detective is called upon to track her down. It soon comes to light that their are a number of young women missing in the area, but none of them seem to have any connection to the judge’s daughter. With time running out, Mason turns to Rachel for help, relying on her innate ability to tell if someone is lying. She just has to hope she’s not the next woman to disappear.

Rachel and Mason make a great couple, both are strong independent characters that are together because they want to be, not because they have to be.

1920’s heiress Zoe Gifford may long for freedom, but her father’s will has made it clear that in order to claim her inheritance, she will need to marry. It seems a simple solution to arrange a quick phony marriage, get an equally fast divorce and then get on with life. She finds a willing partner in Sebastian Hazleton, member of a titled British family in serious need of cash. The only fly in the ointment comes from Sebastian’s older brother, Nigel, who finds the whole idea incredibly distasteful. Nigel would like to see the world return to the civilized place it was before the War. When the unthinkable happens, Zoe finds herself married to Nigel instead of his brother. She marries Nigel because she has fallen in love with him, but Nigel has married only out of a sense of duty.

A wonderful historical romance that will put readers in mind of Downton Abbey

When Caitlin heads out through the Australian desert to track down her estranged dad, her vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Good thing the gas station she pulls into has a mechanic, a young woman who turns out to be Caitlin’s half-sister. That’s only the first surprise, Caitlin learns her father is missing, running from a crime that he says he didn’t commit. Caitlin turns to former lawyer, Dale, a man in hiding himself. Out to protect his young daughter, Dale has no intention of getting involved in Caitlin’s mess. The opal business is cut throat and if Caitlin’s dad had some underhanded dealings with the guys who run the business, he plans on staying out of it. But when Caitlin swears to go in alone, Dale is compelled to go along with her.

A well written descriptive romp through Australia’s opal mining world. Highly recommended

When P.I. Dylan Scott starts getting threatening calls, he has no shortage of suspects. He’s pissed off plenty of people and a lot of the wouldn’t mind seeing him dead. As he makes his way down the list of his old enemies throughout London, People connected to him begin to die. His nemesis draws ever closer with each kills, and if Dylan can’t figure this case out fast, he’ll be next.

A gritty, crime noir British police procedural that will please fans of the series and attract new readers as well.