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Jazz has been left for dead, Howie is bleeding to death and Connie is being held captive by Jazz’s serial killer dad, Billy. And that’s just the beginning of the third book in the series. It will take the power of all these three best friends to defeat not only Billy, but something else. Could there be anything worse than Butcher Billy?
An incredibly addictive series. I read all three books in three days and I want more!


Having no memory of how she came to be left for dead in a field, a young woman renames herself Water. She’s taken in by kindly but crotchety Ginny and lives on the woman’s horse farm. Slowly but surely, Water’s memory begins to come back in fits and starts. Next door, Jesse Welles watches Water from afar, hoping she will not regain her memory. Because if she does, she will never be safe again.
An exciting and well written new adult novel. Highly recommended

Did you really think you had seen the last of Billy Dent? Think again. Jazz is enroute to New York City where a serial killer known as Hat – Dog is on the loose. The NYPD is hoping Jazz’s unique upbringing as the son of a serial killer and the teen who caught a Billy Dent copycat, can help them out. But with Billy in the wind, Howie babysitting crazy grandma, and Connie sneaking along to help, anything can happen….. and does.
Lyga is writing the most addictive series I have ever read. Don’t think YA, this series transcends age and genre. I am in awe of Lyga, and more than a little afraid.

A paid assassin by trade,  Sonja Kurtz is on the run after her attempt on the life of the President of Zimbabwe goes south. The only place she feels safe is her beloved Delta. She may plan to lay low to let the storm pass, but that all changes when she sees the systematic destruction of the land she loves. She becomes an “eco-commando”, but when her ex-lover appears in the picture, along with a commander who cares for nothing but money, all bets are off.
The beauty of Africa and the plight of it’s people, wildlife and landscape play center stage, but Sonja is a formidable second.

In this sequel to the wildly popular Breed, twins Adam and Alice are worried. They have reached the age when children created by fertility treatments begin to go feral. It happened to their own parents after all. As their worst fears begin to come true, they turn to their Aunt Cynthia for help. She’s busy renovating the family home that Alice and Adam’s parents destroyed, trying to create a refuge for young people like her niece and nephew. But a group of feral children is planning an attack
Darkly humorous, freaky and tremendously entertaining.

After a series of bizarre events – a Washington DC scientist attacked by a test subject, a Columbia University biochemist gone missing – Justice Department Led Mahler sees a pattern. Meanwhile, college student Zoe Kincaid, has been kidnapped. Her unusual DNA may hold the key to a miraculous medical breakthrough – or the beginning of the end of the world.
An exciting author, a worthy successor to Michael Palmer

Haley Randolph will do almost anything to get her hands on the accessory of the season, a beach bag called the Sea Vixen. It would be so great to bring it along on the all inclusive vacation she just won  at Rowan Point, a spot known for hosting celebs and royals. Too bad that Haley’s missing resort maid just turned up dead on the beach. The locals think it’s a suicide, but Haley believes otherwise. Maybe she can convince the handsome FBI agent who just happens to be on the island.
A delightful cozy that will appeal to fashionistas