The Returning Tide by Julia Sokota. Published by Matador

Claire Bentley has concealed her secrets for 30 years. Now widowed, she joins her daughter Krystina on s vacation to Cornwall. But the trip brings back the memories of her last trip there. Unable to bear it, she goes home, and knowing she can no longer hide the truth, sets out to write what really happened. While she hopes her daughter never reads her account, she has to wonder what Krystina already knows.


White Lies by Jo Gatford. Published by Legend

Peter is terrified his encroaching dementia will cause him to reveal a secret he has kept for years. Matt worries for his father, who was nearly destroyed at the death of Matt’s half brother Alex. Now that his father has lost his short term memory, Alex’s death is a pain to be born afresh over and over again. But in Peter’s mind there is only one way to keep the secret he has kept for 35 years, he must find Alex.
For anyone who has ever seen a loved one succumb to dementia, this novel is both a catharsis and a balm to the soul.

Gracelin O’Malley by Anne Moore. Published by Open Road

Gracelin has a happy life with her family in Ireland until her sixth year. Ireland is suffering from the blight and potato famine. English aristocracy keep the Irish virtually enslaved. When she is a teen, Gracelin enters a loveless marriage with the son of an English lord to save her family from starvation. During the day she plays the part of dutiful wife, but her heart and allegiance lie with the Young Irelanders and their rebel leader, Morgan McDonagh.
A sweeping saga of Ireland in the 19th century. Hypnotic

This Little Piggy by Bea Davenport. Published by Legend

In the summer of 1984, the residents of Sweet Meadow are already on edge because of the coal mining strike. Now an infant is dead under mysterious circumstances. Journalist Claire Jackson follows the story and watches as the police bungle the investigation. She is followed by nine year old Amy, who knows more than she should, but refuses to share her information with Claire.
An intelligent thriller that takes place before the days of cell phones and DNA testing. Old school detective work at its best

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant. Published by Scribner

Looking back over her amazing and eventful life, Addie Baum, age 85 tells her 22 year old granddaughter how she got to be the woman she is. Beginning with her birth in 1900 to immigrant parents, she tells of her childhood with her sisters in a tenement and her dreams to have a marvelous career and a great romance. The reality would be somewhat different. She relays stories about her love of books and her first disastrous love affair.

In turns, humorous and heartbreaking, this is the story of a life well lived. Full of joy and tears, this is an incredible story