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The Waverly family returns! The characters from Sarah’s first beloved book, Garden Spells, are back. In Bascom, North Carolina, Claire Waverly is running an incredibly popular new business, Waverly’s Candies. But this is no ordinary sweet shop. Here, Claire uses her special magic to concoct confections to heal broken hearts, bring on happiness and remember happier days. But the shops popularity means she’s spending less and less time with her family. Sydney Waverly is also struggling. Her desire for a baby has become so great that it has eclipsed everything else in her life and she is missing out on the things and people that matter most to her. Her daughter Bay is fighting with her own demons as she battles unrequited love. Then a stranger shows up in town, an old man with a worn and dirty suitcase……….

Sarah writes the most beautiful charming stories being published today. Read one and I can guarantee that you too, will believe in magic.


After being laid off, Jolene Carr decides to make lemonade from lemons and takes a two week vacation in the sun. On the first day of her break, she meets Raquel, a woman staying at the same hotel and they strike up a casual friendship. Not long after, Jolene begins to experience odd and unsettling events. Back at home she becomes convinced that Raquel has followed and is now stalking her. But why? Did Jolene do something to invite this behavior? How much will she be able to withstand?

A frightening novel about the terror of being stalked. Keep reading – there are some surprises in store. A jolly good read

Gina Remy isn’t what you would call a sentimental romantic, but she wants to be there for her brother as he says his “I dos” on the shore of Lake Geneva. Just imagine her surprise when she sees a spectral woman hovering over the water of the lake. Has she been working too hard, is she over tired? There’s no such things as ghosts, right? Then why is she being haunted, both during her waking hours and in her dreams? It becomes obvious that if she doesn’t help this soul in need she will be haunted for the rest of her days. Enter Ollie Martin handsome developer extraordinaire. Yes, he’s an arrogant ass, but he’s the only one who can help her.

Oooh! Ghosts, sexy men and a beautiful foreign setting? Count me in!

Samantha Clair loves her job as a book editor, but there are times it can be fraught with tension. Today should be fun though, she has a lunch planned with tell all author Kit Lowell, who is about to expose all the ugliness in the fashion industry. But police inspector Fields shows up at her publishing house to ask about an undelivered package that was sent to Sam. It seems the messenger with the parcel was murdered and now Kit is missing. It would appear someone in the fashion industry wants their secrets kept quiet, and they will kill to keep then that way.

A delightful book that I hope becomes a series, this story gives new meaning to the phrase “publish or perish”.

Daisy McGovern is a small southern town waitress in the process of trying to convert her diner into a bakery when a break in leaves a dead thief of the floor of her business. Determined to find out who the man was and why he was in her bakery, she travels to some pretty rough place and meets up with some sketchy characters. From nip joints to illegal moonshining stills, Daisy will leave no stone unturned until she solves the mystery.

A delightful southern mystery that combines the charm of the area with the thrill of murder and moonshine.

The FBI teamed up agent Kate O’Hare and con man Nicholas Fox for a reason – so they could get things done on the down low. This time out they are tracking down a global drug lord. They will travel from Tennessee to Turkey, England and Portugal to get their man. But they’re not the only ones on the hunt. Among other characters they meet an enforcer who takes advice from a pickled head.

Trademark Evanovich, silly crooks and bad guys, equally silly heroes and heroines and all together delightful

When a seven-year old and two octogenarians meet, anything can and does happen. Millie Bird, never with out her red wellies is abandoned by her mother in the underwear department of a store. 82-year-old Agatha has not left her house since her husband dies 7 years earlier; her only contact with other people comes when she yells at passersby. 87 year old Karl, once a typist, now types in words in mid-air; he has been committed to a nursing home, nut has now broken out and is on the run. These three unlikely companions begin a trek across Australia to find Millie’s mom, Karl’s manhood and Agatha’s former life.

Simultaneously funny, bittersweet and profoundly moving. For everyone who has lost someone or something and wants desperately to have it back