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A serial killer stalks 1950s Boston in this tense thriller. Cal O’Brien and Dante Cooper have been friends for years. Now, in the aftermath of World War II, they are trying to find their places in a new world. Cal hires himself out as private security to anyone who can pay the price. Dante struggles with his heroin addiction. When his sister-in-law becomes a victim of the serial killer, Dante decides to track down the murderer himself. He’s joined by his friend Cal, but neither of them are prepared for what they discover and where their hunt will take them


An American, his father and an official from the consulate are attempting to get his sister’s body aboard an aircraft bound for the United States from Munich Airport. The woman was found by police after she apparently died of starvation in her Berlin apartment. Now a strange fog and stranger circumstances are preventing the body from being returned to the States. While they wait, the members of her family uncover the truth about what led to her terrible death

Police captain Nadia Barka has the body of a mutilated woman found in the middle of a museum gallery late at night. How did the woman and her killer get into the building? And what happened to her heart? There are no leads until a computer tech named Julian steps forward with the news that he had a premonition about the murder. He’s immediately discounted, until another woman goes missing. Now, Barks will use whatever leads she can find to keep anyone else from dying

When a severed head is found on a golf course in Burnham-on-Sea, it appears to be connected to a series of unsolved murders from the 1970s. D. I. Nick Dixon lands the case and is immediately caught up in the case. When an elderly man is killed, Dixon is left wondering if he’s chasing one killer, or two

Caterine Doucette has just inherited her family’s boutique when an attempt is made on her life. It seems someone in the Doucette family does not think she deserves the business and they are willing to kill to see she doesn’t get it.  Former cop Remi Michaud shared a night of unbridled passion with Caterine, now he is all that stands between her and a killer bent on taking her out for good this time. The steamy New Orleans backdrop makes the story

Laura Phillips has been devastated by the death of her husband. She’s been having nightmares about him and a strange town with a sinister hill. Laura discovers the place she has been dreaming of is a real place, called Pendle Hill. 400 years before, 10 witches were hung, but not before they cursed the town. Now they are back in Laura is caught up in a nightmare she cannot wake from

Reverend David Stanley thinks he’s experienced divine intervention when he stumbles across the town of Innsboro, Tennessee on a foggy night. The residents are just as glad to see him, they need a new minister for their annual Decoration Day. But soon David begins to worry, Innsboro seems like a town stuck in the past, it doesn’t even show up on any maps. Perhaps he’s there for a deity other than god