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Archive for December 2014

FBI agent Ava McLane is still recovering from a gunshot when she’s assigned the case of a murdered congressman. Working with her is detective Mason Callahan, the man who saved her life and stole her heart. When the one murder becomes three, it becomes clear a serial killer is at work. Now Ava faces pressure from her bosses and the public, must deal with her feelings for Mason and outsmart a devious killer


Maijia and her husband Paavo and daughters have left the relative comfort of 1717 Finland to homestead in Lapland. Life is harsh and difficult and when a neighbor is found dead and mutilated, villagers assume he has been ravaged by wolves, but Maijia is not so sure. Dark secrets, jealousy and murder stalk the harsh landscape

From the YouTube phenomenon of the same name, readers will learn all about the young girl living in a haunted house

In one magical summer, there women will start life over in a French village. From a dancer who must give up her art to safeguard her health, to a woman retiring to a quiet and magical world, to a woman who is attempting to take ownership of the small B and B she and her husband visited before his death. 

Attorney Aiden Connelly has gotten a reputation as a honest man, one who will pursue the truth no matter what the cost. Now he’s looking into the decade old death of a friend and doing so will make him confront ghosts long put to death

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Evan was in a horrific motorcycle accident. While he has recovered physically, he has begun to have strange visions and is seeking treatment from psychiatrist Shannon Mayer. Shannon is reeling from her own problems, with her teenaged daughter kidnapped and no clues to her whereabouts. It soon becomes clear that Evan and his visions may be her only way of bringing her child home alive

When a young 19 year old girl disappears, her small local Louisiana town mobilizes to find her. But they have no luck and a year later another young woman disappears. As neighbors wonder about neighbors and friends doubt each other, the real killer waits and plots to kill again