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Wild Boy and Clarissa have their hands full trying to find a poisoner stalking the streets of London. The victims literally go mad with terror before they die. To find a cure for the Black Terror, the duo will hunt alleys, dungeons and palaces alike


D. S. Mickey Dolan is on the skids
His marriage is over and he’s been cautioned one too many times about excessive force. He’s offered one last chance to redeem himself. He needs to find the missing wife and children of a city councilman. But what happens when Dolan meets s woman and her daughter who know not only where the missing woman and her children are, but also why they are missing.

Lucy Toomey will have to put work on hold. After years of hard work as a campaign manager, her employer has been elected to be president of the United States. But when Lucy’s sister, Alice dies unexpectedly, Lucy must head home to Wisconsin. Left emotionally impaired after a childhood accident, Alice was happy to live her life out in the small town where she and Lucy grew up. Lucy couldn’t get far enough away. Now back at home, in Alice’s home, Lucy is able to see for the first time, why Alice stayed. Meeting her sister’s friends, enjoying small town warmth, Lucy will feel closer to Alice now than she ever has

While attending a party to introduce a new staff member at Sherebury University’s art department, Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired detective Alan Nesbit, come across a body at the bottom of an elevator shaft.  As the husband and wife detective team go into action, another faculty member ends up dead.

Hilary has just retired from teaching, but she’s having a hard time relaxing with her husband volunteering in Gaza. To take her mind off the danger he’s in, she decides to explore the historical sites as Glastonbury with her friend Veronica. But there delight turns to dismay, then horror when they find one site defaced and an abandoned bag that contains a bomb

When Alex Duggins’ marriage collapses she heads home to the Cotswolds to start over. The last thing she expects is to find herself the prime suspect in a murder, but that’s just what happens when she’s the one that finds a corpse in the snow. Having little faith in local authorities, Alex sets out to not only clear her name, but to find the killer. The only flaw in her plan is that now the murderer is after her

Sam and Alex are off on the trek of a lifetime. They plan to go climbing in the Himalayas on what is supposed to be a photographic journey, but their world implodes when they realize that they are caring nuclear weapons. Alex is killed and Sam wants vengeance. Thus begins a global odyssey of cat and mouse with spies and terrorists from around the world. Sam makes a deal with journalist to help get him to safety and tell the truth about what happened.