All That’s Left by Ward Anderson. Published by Kensington

Steven and Scotty may be twins, but they have always been as different as night and day. Steven is the responsible, mature one who always makes the right decisions. Scotty has always been wild, impulsive and very popular with the ladies. Their differences have caused more than a few problems between them, so they have been estranged for three years when Steven gets the news that Scotty is dead. Ever the dutiful son and brother, he heads to Singapore to collect his brother’s remains. But once there, Steven finds himself undergoing a remarkable change. He meets his late brother’s latest fling, Dania, who remarks on how much alike the two brothers are. Always sensible Steven finds himself behaving in a most insensible way. He talks to his brother’s urn and gets ever closer to the one woman who knows the truth about Scotty’s death


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