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Eleni and Patrick are on Crete for a vacation, but when they uncover the story of a British woman executed on the island during the Nazi occupation in the 1940s, they decide to learn more about what happened. Mariana was labeled a “spy” and hung by the Nazis, leaving her infant daughter to die in her crib. Now Eleni and Patrick want to know what really happened all those years ago. Then suddenly, the young couple vanishes. Kirsty is a Scottish ex-pat who becomes concerned when the couple vanishes and decides to try to find them. What she finds, however, is that the family members of the original 1940s conspirators will do anything to keep their ugly secret quiet.

This book has is all, beautiful Greek setting, war time intrigue, a modern day mystery and a feisty protagonist.


Letha Bartlett does her best to care for the wounded and dying soldiers at the confederate hospital where she works in Richmond, Virginia. The war is winding down, but there are still plenty of dead and dying young men showing up at Letha’s hospital every day. A kind and gentle widow, Letha is much loved by both the soldiers under her care. Only man in particular seems immune to her attempts at cheering him up. Granville Pollars broke with his Northern family to fight for the Confederacy and now the war has cost him everything, his family his fiancee and the ability to walk. Letha makes Granville her special project and with the help of another patient, sets out to show him that there is a future for him, if he can only believe in it.

This is the kind of story that makes you blink when put it down. Returning to the 21st century wasn’t easy for me. I was so caught up in the characters and the setting, the story was almost real for me

Kristine and her fiancee Daniel are taking a road trip for the 4th oh July. They’ll be driving from Las Vegas to Arrowhead, California for the holiday and look forward to unwinding together on the open road. They run into serious trouble at a roadside rest area in the middle of nowhere. Daniel is kidnapped by a psychopath who has given Kristine two choices – she can return home, safe and sound – but she will never see Daniel again. Or, she can try to outsmart a cunning killer and save the man she loves. For Kristine, the choice is obvious, and she will wade through the nastiest cesspits and dark underworlds of the desert southwest to ultimately match wits with a madman.

First let me say I loved the idea that the girl has to save the guy! Otherwise this is just your typical stay up all night, can’t put it down, when are you going to write another book??!! thriller. Highly recommended

The University of Amsterdam is under attack when a bomb explodes on campus. Police are stymied and ask a young criminologist, Georgina McKenzie for help in finding the killer by using her as a kind of bait. They have just played right into the hands of a twisted mastermind whose attack on Amsterdam has only just begun and this monster has a very special treat in store for George.


It was just a way to pass time on a boring afternoon. Adam and Fletcher planned to take a walk and then return home. But neither of them does come home. Search and rescue parties are out looking for the boys, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Avery, the police chief’s daughter is the one who comes across Fletcher. Beaten and bloody, he claims to have no memory of what happened to him and no knowledge of Adam’s whereabouts. At first, the towns people offer sympathy and understanding, but as time goes by, they begin to wonder if Fletcher is lying. Does he know where Adam is. And is he alive? An all to real look at what happens to a community when one of their own goes missing. The suspicion, anger, fear and hatred are palpable in this edge of your seat thriller

Two years after the death of her husband, Cal, Merritt gets word that her husband’s family home in Beaufort, South Carolina has been left to her when Cal’s grandmother dies. Still reeling from the shocking loss of her husband, Merritt leaves Maine for South Carolina. Maybe here, in this beautiful old town, in this graceful old house, she can finally begin to heal. But Merritt won’t have much time for herself, when her very young stepmother shows up with Merritt’s 10-year-old brother in tow.

Karen White has the ability to completely and utterly transport her readers to the Southeastern shore of the U.S. Her stories are full of complex characters dealing with real life problems set against the most beautiful backdrops in the world

Virginia has waited in the wings for widower Aaron to be ready to date again. She cares for both him and his young son very much, but a tragedy derails their romance before it ever really gets a chance. Almost 20 years later, Virginia is frantically searching for her beloved dog. When she finds out her fiancĂ©e “accidentally” let the dog loose, she calls the wedding off. Luckily her dog has been found by a quiet caring young man; when Virginia meets the rescuer, she’s immediately swept back in time to the love she thought she lost forever.

Okay, everyone is probably saying, “we saw this coming from a mile off” but hold on. This beautiful story about love, healing and the pure soul of a dog will have you laughing and crying