Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan. Published by Angry Robot

Elizabeth Barnabus is getting tired of living a lie. She’s been posing as her own brother so she work as a private investigator, but recent events have left her so shaken, she wants to forget the Bullet Catcher’s Handbook and return to normal life as herself. But not so fast…a new group of women in town are offering their services to those in need. They seem to be perfectly respectable, so why does Elizabeth feel so uneasy. Perhaps her brother should be resurrected for one more case. But this will be a highly dangerous endeavor, even for the Bullet Catcher’s daughter, because these women are after bodies and whether they are live or not doesn’t matter. A worthy follow up to the Bullet Catcher’s Daughter

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1 thought on “Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan. Published by Angry Robot

  1. I like your review so much I had to request this title on NetGalley. I haven’t read the first installment. I wish they were also offering it. I’d love to feature them together on my blog.

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