Swerve by Vicki Pettersson. Published by Gallery

Kristine and her fiancee Daniel are taking a road trip for the 4th oh July. They’ll be driving from Las Vegas to Arrowhead, California for the holiday and look forward to unwinding together on the open road. They run into serious trouble at a roadside rest area in the middle of nowhere. Daniel is kidnapped by a psychopath who has given Kristine two choices – she can return home, safe and sound – but she will never see Daniel again. Or, she can try to outsmart a cunning killer and save the man she loves. For Kristine, the choice is obvious, and she will wade through the nastiest cesspits and dark underworlds of the desert southwest to ultimately match wits with a madman.

First let me say I loved the idea that the girl has to save the guy! Otherwise this is just your typical stay up all night, can’t put it down, when are you going to write another book??!! thriller. Highly recommended


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