The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath by Ishbelle Bee. Published by Angry Robot

In Victorian England, Mirror is a young girl with some..unusual abilities. Ever since her grandfather locked her inside a clock, the girl has been something other than human. Now she is safe in the hands of her shape shifting guardian Goliath Honeyflower. Mr. Fingers is the sinister and nefarious demon lord of the underworld and in order to keep his position for all eternity, he must have something very specific – the flesh and soul of Mirror. He recruits John Lovehart, the young man he took in after John’s parent died, to deliver the girl to him. But as in all good stories, the reluctant hero will be called upon to save the very thing he has been recruited to destroy, perhaps destroying himself in the process.

Oh what a jolly ride this was! Magic and monsters and demons, oh my! A highly recommended read for YA and adult audiences

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