The Allergy Fighting Garden by Thomas Leo Ogren. Published by Ten Speed

When I was younger, I never had problems with allergies of any kind, as I’ve gotten older, all that has changed. Now at the ripe old age of 50, I am much more aware of the plants around me, especially the ones I put in my own garden. As an avid gardener, I knew I could never give up my plants, but I did need to learn which plants to avoid. Of course, much of this depends on the individual, but Ogren explains the science of plant allergens. Believe me, this is not rocket science, at least not the way Ogren presents it anyway. Readers can learn types of plants that are the most troublesome as well as some that look similar without the adverse side effects. I was also fascinated to learn that it was the male plant that produced the pollen (females bear fruit) and cause the most allergies. A fascinating and accessible look into plant science and how to make it work for you


Cherringham – The Last Puzzle by Neil Richards. Published by Bastei

Kindly old villager Quentin Andrews has died and left the village of Cherringham in a stir. He’s left lots of cash to whoever can solve his “Cherringham Crossword”. Jack and Sarah join in the search and in the progress, learn there was a lot more to Quentin than met the eye

The Longest Yard Sale by Sherry Harris. Published by Kensington

For one day, Elington, Massachusetts will be the site of the biggest flea market in New England. Sarah Winston has the whole thing planned down to a t. Unfortunately, an expensive painting disappears and a dead man turns up in Sarah’s friend Carol’s painting studio. The cause of death? The metal picture frame hanging around his neck. Sarah is mighty angry, not only did someone ruin her flea market, they framed her friend for murder. This means war an Sarah will take on everyone around, including the mob, to get to the truth

Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson. Published by Kensington

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Krissy Hancock and her BFF Vicki would open a bookstore/coffee shop and call it Death by Coffee, after her dad’s most famous mystery novel. But on their very first day, customer Brendon Lawyer keels over in his coffee. True, he’s allergic to peanuts, but how would peanuts get in coffee? And who swiped his epi pen? None of Brendon’s neighbors are sad to see him go, but Krissy has her store and her reputation to think of, so it looks like she will need to solve the murder with the help of officer Paul Dalton

Farmed and Dangerous by Edith Maxwell. Published by Kensington

Cam’s first winter running the CSA is going about as well as her relationship with chef Jake Ericcson – they’re both very chilly. Between worrying about her love life and supplying her customers with produce, Cam is a mess. Things only get worse when one of her elderly customers die and the police trace her death back to tainted produce from Cam’s greenhouse. True, there were a lot of people that wanted the old biddy dead, but Cam’s holding the smoking vegetable. And not even her budding relationship with detective Pete Pappas will keep her from being grilled like an ear of corn

Call Sign Extortion 17 by Don Brown. Published by Rowman & Littlefield

About three months after Osama Bin Laden was taken out by SEAL Team Six, Taliban forces took down an American helicopter, call sign Extortion 17. The attack killed the Air National Guard members, 7 members of the Afghan military and 17 members of SEAL team six. What is so shocking about this story is how little is known about it. Brown, a former Navy JAG, goes behind the Washington smokescreen to uncover some of the theories about what happened that day. One is that the Afghan military on board were actually working with the Taliban, another even more chilling theory is that the men were “sacrificed” in some sort of bizarre global apology to the world about the raid on Bin Laden’s compound. Regardless of what really happened, Brown introduces readers to the men aboard that helicopter, the real men, the real heroes.