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If you have ever bought flavored water, oils or alcohol, Prum will teach you how to make your own at a fraction of the cost. The recipes are clear and easy to follow and the photographs will tempt you to make your own infusions. There is information about health and safety – your infused water won’t last forever like the chemical filled drinks you buy at the grocery store. I have a large herb garden and a lot of wild berries growing in my yard, so I was thrilled to find another way to use them. This is a great book for both gardeners and cooks alike


After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, Jim, “Jug” Curran signed up for combat. He flew with the 348th Fighter Group, the first P-47 Thunderbolt group in the South Pacific. The aircraft would go on to be instrumental in winning the war in the Pacific. From New Guinea to the Philipines, Jug flew 200 combat missions and in this book tells the incredible true story of all he encountered. With so few living soldiers from World War II to tell their stories, books like this become all the more important.

In 1913, women were expected to marry and have a family. Iowa farm girl Liddie Treadway wants more, she wants to live in town on her own and have a job. But after her father’s unexpected death and her unmarried sister’s pregnancy, it becomes clear Liddie is needed at home; her dreams will have to wait. The family’s hired helper, Joe Bauer has had his heart broken by the woman her hoped to marry and decides to leave Iowa behind. He and Liddie stay in touch, writing each other when they can. And then Liddie gets her dream job as an apprentice seamstress in town, when Joe comes back will a future with him mean leaving her own dreams behind? This is a well written atmospheric historical novel about the life a woman was expected to lead 100 years ago. Sure to be an eye opener for some younger readers

We all have a memory of the summer we will never forget. For Faith, that summer started out perfectly, until her sister Casey took the man Faith had fallen in love with right out from under her nose. Faith can’t forget that summer and for years she couldn’t forgive Casey, but now at her 90 year old grandmother’s behest, Faith is arranging a family get together at that very same beach. Enough time has passed that she’s ready to forgive her sister and get on with life – maybe this will be her perfect summer. Then she runs into Jake Buchanan, the owner of the beach house and he reawakens feeling in her she thought were long dead. Hmmmm, maybe this will be a long, hot summer. This is the perfect beach read! Summer, sand, family, forgiveness and romance

Lauren Hauser is stylin’. A new job, a brand new diamond engagement ring and a big Fourth of July celebration – life is great, isn’t it? Okay, it would be nice if fiancee Jack was around a little bit more, this long distance relationship sucks. Luckily she has a wedding to plan and a pie to bake! This year she will be entering the Fourth of July contest with her grandmother’s apple pie recipe – tweaked just a bit to put Lauren’s own special spin on it. Easy peasy! So why does it all seem like too much all of a sudden? Can she really do it all, have it all? And does she really even want it all? This is a sweet humorous look at love in the days when women are expected to do it all flawlessly.

Is there anything worse than waking up with a hangover? How about waking up with a hangover that’s not a hangover, but a head injury? How about waking up to discover there’s a kid in you bed and that that kid is yours ….and you have two others to boot, all under the age of five? Sarah Winslow has lost five years of her life. Last she knew, she was a driven executive who liked to party hard. Now she’s unemployed, overweight and the mother to three kids she doesn’t even remember having. What on earth happened to her? When she gets a chance to ditch her new reality for her old life, will she take it? A sarcastic, snarky, funny look at life and all the things we never knew we really wanted.

For the first time in 10 years, Emet is able to breathe fresh air. Paroled after a decade behind bars, the world is a new place. He’s able to make friends, get a job and even meets a woman he cares for. Mercedes has had a difficult past and Emet knows he must be gentle with her, but things get ugly when Mercedes’ unstable and violent brother enters the picture. he vows to do anything to keep Emet away from his sister. Anything. This was an enjoyable novel about redemption and the power of forgiveness