The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher. Published by Maze

Once upon a time Octavia Shelton dreamed of a future where she was married to a handsome man and that they would travel the world together with their charming, lovely children. Instead she woke up one day married to the ever reliable Jonathan, she has children, but they’re not always charming. And her days aren’t spent lazing about the French Riviera; they’re spent doing laundry, making dinner and cleaning the house. Is this really all there is? When a good friend and her husband prepare to split up, Octavia wonders what life could be like if she could somehow reclaim her younger, more optimistic self. What if she could travel to the island where she used to spend her summers and the man she used to love was there waiting for her? Is there a woman in the world who hasn’t asked herself “Is this all there is ?”. This was a lovely story about second chances, whether you should take them and what it really means to be happy

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