The Secret Daughter by Kelly Rimmer. Published by Bookouture

Sabina grew up in a happy healthy home. It’s not until she’s 37 years old and pregnant that she finds out she was adopted. About to become a mother herself, she can’t imagine why anyone would give up their own child. For herself, and for her unborn child, Sabina decides to track down the woman who gave birth to her. Along the way she will get some answers, not necessarily the ones she was looking for, but that, in the end, will bring her even closer to those she loves.


Fairytale Beginnings by Holly Martin. Published by Bookouture

Milly Rose has never been lucky in love, but she refuses to believe that she won’t someday find the man of her dreams/ When she’s given a job researching the history of an estate in the village of Clover’s Rest, she’s ready for anything. she discovers the estate is actually a castle, straight from a fairytale, complete with the handsome prince, er..owner, Cameron Heartstone. While the two of them dig up the history of Clover Castle, sparks fly. But Cameron has never been lucky at love either. Can these two gun shy lovers get past their…..past? This is a sweet fairytale love story, guaranteed to bring a smile on even the gloomiest day

The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco. Published by Sourcebooks

Okiku was killed when she was thrown into a well in Japan 300 years ago. Now, her spirit cannot rest and she travels, tracking down and killing those who prey upon children. Only then can the children’s spirits depart the earthly plane. When Okiku is on the trail of a new and extremely vicious killer, she is drawn to an American teenager who is covered with strange tattoos that seems to move on their own. Okiku longs to protect the boy, but will her attention save him or destroy him? Reminiscent of The Ring, this is one scary tale that will appeal to a wide YA audience.

The Collector by Anne-Laure Theiblemont. Published by Le French Book

Marion Spicer is an investigator on the look out for stolen art; 18th century pieces are her forte and she spends her days perusing auction catalogs and sales for stolen artwork. She’s very good at her job, but she feels little passion for it. Everything changes when she inherits a large collection of pre Colombian art from a father she knew she never had. But accessing her inheritance won’t be that easy. Her father has left her with a task, before she can claim her priceless artifacts, she must first find three priceless, missing statues. Suddenly Marion is thrust into the cut throat world of black market art theft where people are willing to kill to own priceless treasures of the past. I loved this fast paced exciting thriller. Marion is an intelligent and likeable heroine and I hope to see more of her in the future

The Adventures of Miss Pettifour by Anne Michaels. Published by Random House Canada

The charming, witty and wise Miss Pettifour loves her 16 cats and making and eating cakes. She has lovely adventures where she travels, mostly by tablecloth to lots of exciting places. But she also loves to sit in front of the fire, sipping cocoa and nibbling cookies. Miss Pettifour is a mix of Mary Poppins, Amelia Bedelia and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. This is just a lovely, warm inviting book. Pastel invitations and the format of the book make young readers of all reading levels want to settle in for a long and comfy read. This book is now on my library book award list for next year

The Double Life of Liliane by Lily Tuck. Published by Grove Atlantic

Lily Tuck has grown up in two disparate worlds – with her German movie producer father in Italy and with her artistic, quiet mom in New York. She takes after her mother and is a shy child with a vivid and lively imagination. In her spare time, she follows her family lineage back in time to include such notables as Mary Queen of Scots. She weaves their history and her own together across time and distance. Much has been made of the idea that this is a semi autobiographical novel and that there are more than a few elements of Tuck’s own life within the story. Regardless, it is a beautiful, lyrical and moving portrait of a young girl and her family

Second to Nun by Alice Loweecey. Published by Henery

The owner of the Stone’s Throw Lighthouse B and B has hired Giulia to oust an ancestral ghost fro the inn because a tarot card reading from a psychic said it was the expedient thing to do. Driscoll Investigations cal always use the work, so Giulia gamely agrees. Of course, there’s also that intriguing family legend about a stolen hoard of gold. Giulia has a few suspects in mind and they are all most definitely living on the earthly plane, but that doesn’t mean her investigation won’t be fraught with the weird and other worldly. The psychic is acting very strangely – think Linda Blair in her most famous role, add in ghosts attempting to push guests off the lighthouse and Giulia taking her own header down a few flight of stairs and you get the idea that this won’t be any normal investigation. But the former nun is up for a challenge and isn’t about to let anybody –  dead or alive, push her around. This is one of the most fun cozy series out there, there’s always a little dash of suspense in there too.