The Remarkable Rise of Eliza Jumel by Margaret A. Oppenheimer. Published by Chicago Review

Best known as the wife of Vice President Aaron Burr, Eliza Jumel was a woman few really knew. Born Betsy Bowen, she spent time as in indentured servant, a brothel and a workhouse. But she was determined to be much more and  when she died at almost 90 as Madame Eliza Jumel was one of the wealthiest women in America, with a summer home, beautiful possessions and hundreds of acres of prime land. Making her fortune as most women did in that time,  she married well, her first husband was a wealthy French merchant. Her second marriage to Burr ended in scandal, innuendo and divorce. When she finally died, her estate was hotly contested all the way to the Supreme Court where the people vying for her fortune called her either a beautiful, charismatic charmer, or a scheming whore. Oppenheimer shines a light on a little known, but fascinating, uniquely American woman


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