The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Caleb Maddox, doctor of toxicology is drinking away his blues at a San Francisco bar after he and his girlfriend break up. That night he meets a mysterious and beautiful woman named Emmeline, fueled on absinthe and desire, Caleb is determined to find the intriguing woman after she leaves. But his search for Emmaline will take a sideline as he helps the city medical examiner, an old friend struggling with a series of deaths. It seems a serial killer is at work and busy dumping the bodies of his/her victims in the bay after their deaths. One of the men was last seen alive the night Caleb met Emmaline and he soon discovers there are more links between the murders and his elusive beauty. How exactly is she involved and how far will he go to be with the woman he has become all but obssessed with? Dark and disturbing, this was a well written thriller that kept me enthralled


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