Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Raised in a rundown orphanage by religious wack jobs, Nat and Ruth bond while trying to survive. To entertain their other”inmates” they channel the dead. Yup, no charades for these kids. Years later, Ruth has slipped put of sight, reappearing only when her niece Cora, becomes pregnant. The mute Ruth takes Cora on a journey across New York on foot. Why? Where are they going? To be honest, even after reading this book, I’m not sure. Told in two timelines and two voices, this is a complex and often very strange story. It often feels like a dream, ominous overtones, but you wake up unsure as to why. Definitely a unique read


Injustice by Lee Goodman. Published by Atria

Federal prosecutor Nick Davis has a lot on his plate, a murder that’s a little too close for comfort and a wife that is way too wrapped up in overturning the conviction of a young man who was sent to jail for killing a child. Her dedication to the case is hardly helping their already foundering marriage. But when old DNA evidence surfaces, not only will the murder conviction be turned on its head; Nick will be put in a place that will cause him to question everything he thought he believed. Some of the plot twists will be evident to readers, but all in all, this is an enjoyable mystery, written by someone who knows their way around a courtroom

Nantucket by Nan Rossiter. Published by Kensington

25 years ago, teen lovers Liam Tate and Cadie McCormick fell in love over the course of a magical summer on Nantucket. They spent every moment together, but Liam knew it would never last – Cadie was destined for college and a career, while he would stay on the island, restoring boats. After the summer, back home in New York, Cadie discovered she was pregnant, but thanks to her meddling parents, Liam never knew and the two lovers were kept apart – until now… Cadie is returning to Nantucket for her son’s art show. Liam is still on the island, living a solitary life in his beach house; but this weekend, old secrets will betold and love will have a second chance

Sweetheart Deal by Linda Joffe Hull. Published by Midnight Ink

Who knew being a tightwad could pay off so lucratively? It’s managed to win Maddie Michaels her own reality show, The Family Frugalicious. Now, in an attempt to help newlyweds find their dream honeymoon trip for a bargain price, Maddie and family travel to Mexico to check out a swanky but affordable resort. Too bad the time share salesman is a sleaze who put the moves on Maddie, even worse, he ends up face down in the pool. Maggie’s producer is thrilled, the murder, and it’s investigation, will run at least two episodes! Great, now Maddie, her kids and her soon to be ex hubby have to track down a killer. It may be great for ratings, but will it be great for Maddie’s future?

Twillyweed by Mary Anne Kelly. Published by Open Road

Jenny Rose has traveled across the Atlantic from Ireland to New York to take a job as governess in a Long Island resort town past its prime. The job is only part of the reason she’s there, she hopes to reconnect with the mother she has lost all contact with. But there is something strange about the faded art colony, Jenny feels the whole place is off somehow. She has no idea how off – until a killer strikes Sea Cliff, her only hope lies with her aunt Claire – if she can reach her in time. This is part of the Claire Belinsky mystery series, and it’s helpful if you’ve read the other books, but not necessary.

Too Clever By Half by Will North. Published by Booktrope

What do a body floating in the English Channel and hoard of Iron Age treasure have in common? DI Morgan Davis and her Scene of Crime manager are called in when a naked body is found floating in the Channel just off Cornwall. The man has no i.d. and Davis has no crime scene, the only clue comes during the postmortem, which reveals the man was likely tortured. But why? A few days later a woman reports her partner, Archie Hansen, missing. Archie, a farmer and practicing druid had a big secret, while toiling in one of his fields, he uncovered an underground tomb containing ancient gold and silver artifacts. Is there a connection between his find and his murder? I loved this tightly plotted British procedural, it had everything, a great mystery, a kickass heroine and buried treasure. Now I’m chomping at the bit to read the first book in the series!

Nine Bucks Row by Jennifer Wilde. Published by Open Road

Re-released, Nine Bucks Row is a sinister and thrilling Gothic. 18-year-old Susannah Hunt is left to her own devices after the savage killer who has been stalking Victorian London murders her aunt. Then her guardian Nicholas Craig steps up to watch over the young woman, but is he really there to protect her? Her new home on Nine Bucks Road is full of dark shadows and things that go bump in the night and the upstairs tenant, a painter who professes undying devotion to Susannah prefers to remain in shadow. And Nicholas? Good looking to be sure, but there seems to be something….wicked about him. They don’t right them like this anymore and I loved this trip down memory lane.