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Rhea used to believe she and high school sweetheart Carter would spend the rest of their lives together. He promised he would return to their home in Tennessee from California after he raised money to save their family’s resort. Only he didn’t come back, he stayed in California and married another woman. Rhea stayed behind and made the family resort a success. Now Carter is back, a widower with a small child and he wants Rhea back.


Lily Whistler wants to make her and her mother’s dream come true by opening a florist’s shop, selling only white flowers. Small town Kansas is hardly the place for such a shop but Cielo de Mar, California might be just the place. And it seems like her plan may be a success, she’s even got two handsome men interested in her. The only thorn on this rose is Kerry, a woman who seems set on making Lily’s life miserable

Elle Presley is a yoga instructor – for dogs. One day, during a lesson, she gets a visit from her childhood dog, long dead. This is her first clue things are about to get weird. One of Elle’s clients ends up pushing up daisies and Elle gets involved in the investigation when the prime suspect is her husband’s best friend. Elle vows to get to the bottom of things and goes on to hire handsome Irish PI Devon Burke. An unusual premise that actually works very well

Kelly Jackson has a great new job working at the Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast. Unfortunately, she got the job because her predecessor died after a fall from the nearby cliffs, and now, Kelly is not so sure the death was an accident. His friends sure don’t think so, the “Silver Sentinels” are on the case. Good thing, because Kelly has her hands full with the Taste of Chocolate and Wine Festival and then she’s attacked…..

After surviving the terrible fire that killed her boyfriend, 17 year old Alice Monroe has been committed to Savage Isle, a mental hospital. The memories of the fire, set by Alice’s own sister, torment Alice. Another patient, a boy named Chase, offers to help her sort through the facts and as she starts to journal about her memories, she begins to question what really happened. A tense YA thriller

Cherico, Michigan is proud home to the Cherry Cola Book Club. Christmas is just around the corner and newlywed librarian Maura Beth and her husband are back from their honeymoon, her dad has even gifted the couple with enough money for s down payment on a home. But as the holiday nears, not everyone is feeling jolly. The economy is in a tailspin, businesses are closing and friends are out of work. It would be easy to succumb to despair, but the Book Club decides to hold a special meeting where the entire town can get together so they can share uplifting stories and try to remember what is truly important. A heart warming story about the things that really matter

Isabelle and Sue arrange flowers in the village church every Friday and this week, Sue is especially happy to leave home for her duties after an argument with her husband. It seems he’s upset about her connection to the very handsome Simon Vardon. Then comes the sinister and threatening note and the mutilated body. What on earth is going on? A strange clue is found, a black marble chess piece. Was it left by the same evil doer that left the note?