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I spent hours reading Little Women as a child and loved all the characters except spoiled Amy. In this story readers hear from the real Amy, or May. In real life, May was horrified to read her sister’s depiction of her as the vain and selfish Amy. The only similarity was May’s love of art. During the Civil War, May worked making shirts for Union soldiers, dreaming of a life filled with true love and her aspirations to became a great artist. After the book is published, May plans to leave her home in Massachusetts and move far away to accomplish her goals and prove her famous sister wrong. A fascinating peek at one of literature’s most maligned characters


A series of murders has detective Jennifer Knight stumped. Her only lead is a tarot card reader known as the Raven, a twisted man who will stop at nothing to play his deadly game and she and her team needs to act fast as a dangerous serial killer sends the body count skyrocketing. And the murders are all connected as the Raven predicts the death of someone very close to Jennifer. Creepy and compelling.

The bayous, swamps and voodoo legends of New Orleans create a terrific backdrop for this suspenseful story. Mia LeMay owns her own New Orleans night club and tea room. She’s happy with her life and keeps to herself. All that changes when she witnesses a murder and is in danger of becoming the next victim. Federal agent (?) Rick Ryder appears to keep Mia safe, and together they disappear into the swamps and bayous just as a tropical storm bears down. But Rick is not all he appears to be, and he has a vested interest in keeping Mia safe. Now they just have to outrun the storm and a vicious killer.

Former SEAL, Jazz Lancing has noticed kindergarten teacher Annie Mayes watching him and he can’t help be intrigued. There’s just something about her….. Annie has a secret, she’s not who she says she is and she’s back in town to settle an old score. She’s been watching Jazz because they once knew each other, very well, a long time ago. As temped as she is to tell him who she really is, she can’t lose sight of her goal. If she does, she and Jazz could both be killed. Jazz is a little heavy handed but Annie (Kenni) is a strong heroine who more than makes up for some of his caveman like behavior

First off, let me say that this book has the most lovely forward I have ever seen in a book. It made me stop and take stock, and I bet it will do the same to you. Wynn Jeffries has always wanted more from life. So how is that after college, she settled into serving drinks at the local bar and never moved on? She always had plans to take the world by storm, to become someone amazing, someone unforgettable. So what happened? The return of her old high school crush, Oliver, sparks many questions in Wynn’s heart. When she comes across an old newspaper she learns things about her family she never knew. As she reads about her grandmother’s wild life and her eventual disappearance, she gripped with a burning desire to find out what really happened to the woman. With Oliver’s help, she tries to unravel the mystery and gather her courage to be the extraordinary woman she’s always known she could be.

Okay, first you have to get past that cringe worthy title. But once you do, I promise you’ll find an intelligent, 21st century romance. As kids, Lady Zara Ravensdale and gardener’s son Xavier Hunt were close friends, but as they grew older, the difference in their social standings and snobbery took it’s toll. Now, years later, their fortunes are reversed.¬† Xavier is a wealthy celebrity and Zara has been reduced to turning the crumbling¬† family home into a boutique hotel. Xavier wants nothing more than to get back at the Ravensdale clan for their treatment of he and his father, but when he encounters Zara, the old feeling are still there. Of course, so are the old slights. Can they bury the hatchet long enough to get to the truth or has Xavier’s hatred made him blind to his true feelings?

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is approached by a California sheriff who wants her help reconstructing the skull of a nine year old girl who has been found after 8 years underground. Of course Eve agrees but she’s a little taken aback by the sheriff’s involvement in the case. His interest seems to go beyond the usual professional interest. Then Eve begins to get messages from the dead girl. In all her career, only one dead child has communicated with her, her own murdered daughter, Bonnie. Is there some connection? Eve won’t stop until she uncovers the truth, even if it means putting her own life on the line. Johansen manages to keep her Eve Duncan mysteries fresh and exciting. Highly recommended to fans of the series