The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge by Jennifer St. George. Published by Penguin Australia

Okay, first you have to get past that cringe worthy title. But once you do, I promise you’ll find an intelligent, 21st century romance. As kids, Lady Zara Ravensdale and gardener’s son Xavier Hunt were close friends, but as they grew older, the difference in their social standings and snobbery took it’s toll. Now, years later, their fortunes are reversed.  Xavier is a wealthy celebrity and Zara has been reduced to turning the crumbling  family home into a boutique hotel. Xavier wants nothing more than to get back at the Ravensdale clan for their treatment of he and his father, but when he encounters Zara, the old feeling are still there. Of course, so are the old slights. Can they bury the hatchet long enough to get to the truth or has Xavier’s hatred made him blind to his true feelings?


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