Out of Reach by Adam Hamdy. Published by Endeavour

Thomas Schaefer has never given up on the daughter that disappeared 10 years ago. In that time he’s become an expert on missing children, specializing in rescuing kids from cults. When he learns of missing girl Katie Blake, he’s surprised at how similar her disappearance is to his daughters. A symbol found at the scene of both kidnappings turns out to be occult and Schaefer learns that it’s not just bodies that are being stolen, but souls


The Misadventures of a Playground Mother by Christine Barlow. Published by Bookouture

After living in the country for a year, Rachel Young thinks she’s got the whole school mom thing down. Her kids are happy, and so far, she’s been able to avoid the snake pit the school playground can be. Then fellow mom, Penelope Kensington decides she needs to get away from home after discovering her husband has been having an affair. Her solution is to move herself and her kids into Rachel’s house. Gads! How is Rachel supposed to get rid of them? Penelope doesn’t understand the word no. New mom Melanie, at least gives everyone something to talk about. Gossip flies when the wolves smell fresh blood, because Melanie has a secret, and she’s not the only one. Fiendishly funny. Truly, governments worldwide could use these women in the fight against terrorism. The bad guys don’t stand a chance against an army of helicopter moms

Atlas of Cursed Places by Olivier Le Carrer. Published by Black Dog

This is not your average Lonely Planet travel guide. No, this is a book about the places you might want to avoid when booking your next trip. From Nazi headquarters in Nuremberg to a Namibian games preserve crawling with bats to a forest in Japan famous for the number of suicide victims who make it their last destination, this book is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Illustrated like an old atlas, the book is broken down into regions of the world, then each location gets a 2-3 page story that relates its creep factor. My only complaint about this book is that it ended. And I desperately want to visit the deserted island off Venice. Engaging and literate

Water on the Moon by Jean Moore. Published by She Writes

Linda Raven and her twin teenagers are living with a friend. They are homeless after barely escaping the firestorm that destroys their house after a small plane crashes into it. Talk about rotten luck. Add in the fact that she’s lost her job and that her husband has left her and Linda’s feeling pretty low. When she discovers a connection between herself and the pilot that crashed into her house, she starts to wonder if the Universe is trying to tell her something. As she comes to terms with the chaos in her life, she has to take stock in herself and decide what she really wants

The Girl With No Past by Kathryn Croft. Published by Bookouture

Leah Mills is running from the past , from one terrible day. She plans to spend the rest of her life on the run, but than she meets Julian. She slowly starts to believe that she might actually be able to lead a real life. For a while, she does, but on the 20th anniversary of that terrible day, she gets a card. Someone knows her secret and they are determined to expose her and ruin everything she’s built. This book kept me guessing, was Leah a heroine or a villain?

Dead Eyed by Matt Brolly. Published by Carina UK

DCI Michael Lambert is ready to walk away from police work after a long career. But then he’s handed a case that changes everything. A murderer, known as the “soul jacker” has struck again. Michael recognizes the killer’s m.o. The victims eyes have been removed and a Latin saying carved into the flesh. Michael knows all too well what this monster is capable of, because he was personally involved in his last murder 25 years earlier. The old case is reopened and the DCI will use his personal knowledge of the killer to try to catch him. Unfortunately, Michael’s links to the killer will paint a target on him and if he’s not careful, he’ll be the next victim

Eleanor and the Iron Queen by Julia Daines. Published by Covenant

In the past, women were chattel, traded and bartered by the men in their lives. Eleanor de Lacy has been traded by her father. In exchange for peace with an enemy, Eleanor has been traded to Welsh king Brach Goch, a man rumored to be ruthless and cruel. Eleanor believes he’s responsible for the death of her brother and the attacks on her villagers. When she arrives at his castle, she discovers that it’s haunted and the resident spirit warns her not to trust Brach. For her part, Eleanor is confused, Brach is not the monster she thought; he’s handsome and charming and wants to win her heart. But Eleanor isn’t sure. She’s soon caught up in murder and will have to decide if the man she thought she would hate might really be the one man she can love