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Lucy Harper is returning to Luna Bay after eight years in London. She left the small Yorkshire village not intending to come back, but the death of her Nana Lily leaves her no choice. She only plans to be there long enough to settle Lily’s estate, but when she learns that Lily has left her a cottage, she has to rethink her future. Luna Bay is just as beautiful as it ever was, that’s true. And there’s an incredibly handsome new bartender in town too. Add in Lily’s Broken Hearts Book Club, and Lucy is loath to leave. Sometimes you just have to face your past and sometimes you get a second chance. This is a lovely book, I didn’t want to leave Luna Bay


In his small Irish village, Ray is a person most of the locals stay away from. He’s not really dangerous, just a little, odd, a little different. One day Ray adopts a dog he names One Eye, for obvious reasons. One Eye’s life hasn’t been any easier than Ray’s and the two lost souls quickly form a tight bond. They live a quiet life, and time passes by. But when the locals believe that One Eye and Ray might be a threat, the two must leave their home for unknown shores. This is one of the most incredibly beautiful and moving books I have ever read. It’s pure, raw emotion.

On the surface, Anna has a very ordinary life, but the truth is, she has lived before. She’s always known it. Her name used to be Emma and she misses her old family so much, she has never been able to call her mother “mom”, using her first name instead. Mom is reserved for the mother she knew as Emma. One day, while visiting her grandmother in a nursing home, she catches sight of a old, wheel chair bound woman that she recognizes as Frances, someone from Emma’s past? Anna has a memory of a child, Catherine, a girl who drowned. Did she, as Emma, kill the girl? Unable to live with herself, Anna must uncover the past. Who was Emma and what did she do? A clever and mind bending YA title that will be in high demand

When Madeline and Daphne were children, they were best friends, sisters almost. But that ended when Madeline was attacked in her grandmother’s hotel. Madeline and Daphne did what they had to do to be sure that the attacker could never hurt anyone again, or so they thought. For years the girls have stayed away from each other, keeping their secrets close. Now twenty years later, Madeline is back in Washington after her grandmother’s death. She arrives to find the handyman dying at the hotel. He tells her something that could potentially reveal all the secrets she and Daphne have kept for so long. And so the two women reunite, in friendship and in fear. They must keep their secret buried, they must keep each other safe. This is top notch Krentz, the abandoned motel is one of the creepiest book locations I’ve read about. Highly recommended

In Salem Massachusetts, Lee Barret is thrilled when she discovers an old oak dresser just like the one she has as a child in an antique store. Lee’s was destroyed in a fire, so she simply can’t resist replacing it with this exact replica. It even has the same secret compartments that hers had. After the dresser is delivered to her home, the antique store owner is found dead, and while police think the business partner is to blame, Lee’s not so sure. She’s about to find out just how much like her old furniture this dresser is, because the mirror on it allows Lee to sharpen her psychic visions. She might even be able to see who the killer really is – and she’ll just have to hope the killer isn’t able to look right back at her

Book editor Samantha Claire is enjoying summer in London, she’s just about to head out to lunch with friend and art dealer Aidan Merriam. But not so fast, Aidan’s business partner has been found dead in their gallery, a gun in his hand. The investigation is being led by Samantha’s boyfriend, Jake Field. It gets weird because Widen is Samantha’s old boyfriend. Loyalties will be tested, snarkiness will soar and a good time will be had by all readers. If you haven’t read any of this series, do yourself a huge favor and start

Jamie Ball’s girlfriend, Logan has disappeared. She called him, terrified from the parking garage beneath their apartment complex. He hears her scream, then silence. Police arrive to find Logan’s car and cell phone, but she is gone. That same day, workman replacing a pathway on the other side of town uncover the remains of a woman dead for three decades. DS Roy Grace and his team at first see the two cases as separate incidents but when a second woman disappears and another body surfaces, he’s not to sure anymore. Does Brighton have a serial killer? One that’s been active for decades? This is an exceptional police procedural with twists and surprises around every corner