Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz. Published by Berkley

When Madeline and Daphne were children, they were best friends, sisters almost. But that ended when Madeline was attacked in her grandmother’s hotel. Madeline and Daphne did what they had to do to be sure that the attacker could never hurt anyone again, or so they thought. For years the girls have stayed away from each other, keeping their secrets close. Now twenty years later, Madeline is back in Washington after her grandmother’s death. She arrives to find the handyman dying at the hotel. He tells her something that could potentially reveal all the secrets she and Daphne have kept for so long. And so the two women reunite, in friendship and in fear. They must keep their secret buried, they must keep each other safe. This is top notch Krentz, the abandoned motel is one of the creepiest book locations I’ve read about. Highly recommended


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