Orphan X by Greg Hurwitz. Published by St. Martins

Evan Smook is a man without a country. As a child he was adopted into a black ops program designed to create the perfect intelligence asset. He was trained and honed to perfection, but somewhere along the line, he became disillusioned and he disappeared. He’s become something of a saviour for a few select people who need help, he uses the skills he learned to protect people who desperately need him. But now Evan is being hunted. Hunted by someone who is able to anticipate his every move, who knows his weaknesses and is very happy to exploit them.


The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton. Published by St. Martins

Delaney Nichols has answered an ad to work in a bookshop that’s seen kings, queens, villains, heroes and more. She packs up and moves to Scotland to begin her new career at the Cracked Spine. She immediately falls in love with her new bookstore family, Rosie and her dog Hector, budding young actor, Hamlet and of course mysterious owner, Edwin. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a great pub with a handsome bartender right across the street either. Things get exciting when a first folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays goes missing and Edwin’s sister is murdered. Is there a connection? Delaney will have to channel her favorite mystery novel heroines to solve this heinous crime

Downward Facing Death by Michelle Kelly. Published by St. Martins

Keeley Carpenter is headed home to the small village of Belfrey, she has grand plans to reopen her father’s old butcher shop as a vegetarian cafe and yoga studio. While it sounds like a wonderful idea to her, some of the more traditional members of the village are very opposed to the change. It’s a set back but nothing Keeley can’t handle, until someone sets fire to the shop. How could it get any worse? DC Ben Taylor tells her a body has been found in the fire ravaged building. With Ben, her high school sweetheart at her side, Keeley tries to find out who wants to keep her from opening her business badly enough to kill.

For All Our Sins by T. M. E. Walsh. Published by Carina UK

DCI Claire Winters is tracking down a particularly vicious killer. The victim was a priest whose murder was long, drawn out and very painful. Winters realizes the crime was most likely committed by someone with a great deal of rage. But there seem to be no leads. The closer Claire gets to the priest’s family, the more tangled and confused the case gets. But she’ll have to find answers, and fast, because the killer isn’t done, not by a long shot

Someone to Save You by Paul Pilkington. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Sam is returning home from the bittersweet celebration of what would have been his murdered sister’s 30th birthday when he helps avert a tragedy. A woman, intent on ending her life, has parked her car with her children inside on a train track. Sam pulls the family to safety, but instead of being hailed a hero, he’s greeted with suspicion. The police say the story doesn’t add up and Sam gets caught up in organized crime at the same time his sister’s killer, and his former best friend is being released from jail. Marcus swears he’s innocent and wants Sam’s help proving his innocence by finding the real killer. Like all Pilkington’s books, this is a well crafted page turner

Unhinge by Calia Read. Published by Ballantine

Victoria Donovan is a patient at Fairfax Mental Health Institution. Her husband, Wes, visitsĀ  her every night, of course no one believes her, she’s in a locked ward. She doesn’t remember having a baby, but her daughter lies next to Victoria in a crib. This is no place for a baby they tell her. No one at the hospital believes her. No one but the dark haired man who tells her he can help her, he can tell her how she got to Fairfax, and how she can get out. Get ready to have your version of reality challenged, this book is a mind twisting roller coaster ride

Six Proud Walkers by Anthea Fraser. Published by Endeavour Press

The Walker’s are an old and highly respected family, the makers of world famous porcelain. But DCI Webb sees the word “murder” spelled out in flowers in the family garden, then the family matriarch is killed. All of Dorothy Walker’s family are suspects and Webb and Sgt. Jackson have their work cut out for them. Will they uncover a family secret worth killing for before the killer strikes again?