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Angela Harold’s father is dead, and she doesn’t believe it was an accident. She takes his final words to heart and skips town with the name of a ranch in Texas and $50,000 in her pocket. Wilkes Wagner had always thought that someday he’d be able to leave his little Texas home town far behind, but here he is. StillĀ  there, proud owner of the Devil’s Fork Ranch. Things pick up when he meets Angela. Her quiet manner and shy demeanor draw him in. Angela is also attracted to Wilkes, but can she trust him? Will loving him put her in danger? Or will she put him in danger? A well written romantic suspense story with the beauty of the Texas range


For fans of the series Greedily Yours, a Christmas novella that captures the beauty and spectacle of the German Christmas markets. Mia is in Germany for the holiday with her friend Lizzie. The Christmas market is full of delicious things like stollen and spice wine, but Mia is having a hard time enjoying herself without Tom. Can a little Christmas magic ( and some glogg) soothe her aching heart? A sweet and lovely little holiday story

Hawaiian detective Koa Kane responds to a violent crime scene at Pohakuloa, an army training site. A body has been found inside a cave, so savagely mutilated as to be unrecognizable. The only things that seems clear is that the murder has all the markings of a ritual killing. Also uncovered at the crime scene are ancient burial crypts and a stonecutter’s workshop sealed off for 500 years. Is the victim a grave robber, or someone who came upon others looting the site. Too make matters more complicated, another man is injured at an illegal dig on another island. When the victim’s i.d. is finally confirmed, there are suspects coming out of the woodwork. Can Koa narrow down the list before another person is killed? I really enjoyed this mystery that took me into the heart of Hawaii, into the rituals and the past; the things that tourists never see. I can’t wait to read McCaw’s next installment

I will read anything that has Christopher Goldman’s name on it, the man is a genius at creating supernatural suspense and his latest didn’t let me down. They save everyone has a twin somewhere….Tess Devlin places an angry call to her ex-husband’s cell phone after he refuses to acknowledge her on a Boston street. But he’s in New Hampshire with his girlfriend. Frank Lindbergh is finally ready to leave behind the wreckage that was his life and start over when he’s attacked by a man in his own living room, a man who looks just like him. Are these just odd coincidences? Or does this have something to do with a very old house, some ancient evil and the spirits of those long dead? Golden captures the feeling of being in a waking nightmare. Insidious, and deliciously creepy

As a librarian and an avid reader, I love books like this. Call it an occupational hazard, but I find myself looking at the titles of books people are reading in airports and doctor’s office. What a person reads reveals so mush about who they are. I also wonder, if when asked to contribute to a book like this, people respond with the book that actually mattered to them, or with the book they THINK should have mattered. In this mix of authors, actors and politicians, it’s not always easy to tell, but I believe most of the people interviewed were sincere (of course there was the politician that chose the Bible). My favorites were the people who named Judy Blume, Ellen Raskin and Madeleine L’Engle and other children’s authors. Most people chose books that helped them make sense of the world, aspire to something more or just let them know that they were not alone in what they were feeling or living. This is a real treat for readers everywhere

For years I have steered clear of this series because, frankly, the titles are a little offputting. But, if you can look beyond the titles and you like trivia, this is a gold mine of creepy, funny, gross, strange and just plain interesting facts. And by the way, I read my copy in my bedroom

After the body of a child is found on a stretch of Lancashire coastline known as the Loney, the narrator of this story journeys back in time to explore his own memories of the Loney forty years before. His mother insisted on taking his disabled brother Hanny there to an ancient ruin for a spiritual healing on Easter Sunday. As the family gets caught up in the lives of the locals, the two boys are drawn into the circle of a charming, good looking couple who have their own ideas about magical rites. This is a dark and sinister read, I could literally feel the dread coming off the pages. Creepy