Death of a Messenger by Robert C. McCaw. Published by Langdon Street

Hawaiian detective Koa Kane responds to a violent crime scene at Pohakuloa, an army training site. A body has been found inside a cave, so savagely mutilated as to be unrecognizable. The only things that seems clear is that the murder has all the markings of a ritual killing. Also uncovered at the crime scene are ancient burial crypts and a stonecutter’s workshop sealed off for 500 years. Is the victim a grave robber, or someone who came upon others looting the site. Too make matters more complicated, another man is injured at an illegal dig on another island. When the victim’s i.d. is finally confirmed, there are suspects coming out of the woodwork. Can Koa narrow down the list before another person is killed? I really enjoyed this mystery that took me into the heart of Hawaii, into the rituals and the past; the things that tourists never see. I can’t wait to read McCaw’s next installment


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